From breakfast to the early hours: The gruelling daily routine for contestants on Love Is Blind

At the end of a day of filming they are escorted to rooms to sleep

You might think that the daily routine for someone on Love Is Blind sounds pretty simple. They wake up, go on some pod dates, drink out of the golden wine glasses, sleep and repeat.

But, it turns out filming for the show is a lot more intense than that, and previous cast members have spoken out about how much the show really takes out of you when filming. The days are long, the process is tiring, and tbh, it sounds like dating blind really is anything but easy.

Here’s a full rundown of the daily routine for people on Love Is Blind.

Ahead of their dates, the cast members make up a breakfast spread in the living quarters

Daily routine for cast on Love Is Blind

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Previous cast members have complained about the style of living whilst on the show, and spoke of being underfed and sleep deprived because of the tough filming schedule. However now, when you watch the show, you’ll notice Netflix has made a conscious decision to show the daters having a big breakfast spread together ahead of starting off with their dates for the day.

Cast members have to be prepared to film for up to 20 hours a day

Straight after breakfast it’s on to the dates, and filming for these can take up pretty much all of the day. Cast members have said they got very little sleep whilst taking part, and dating could go on well into the night. “The first four days we filmed on average I’d say 18 to 20 hours,” season one’s Kenny said.

Dates at first last for around 10 minutes each

The first round of dates in the pods, with everyone involved, last around seven to 10 minutes each, and are like speed dating sessions. As time goes on, and people get to know each other, they then go up to around 30 minute dates, where cast members are speaking to up to eight people – at separate times.

In their spare time and in between dates, the cast members hang out together

Daily routine for cast on Love Is Blind

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Of course, not all day every day are the cast members all on dates. In between when they’re in the pods, the cast members hang out with who else is free in the living quarters – eating lunch, chatting about how their search for love is going, hanging around wrapped in the blankets like we always seem them doing.

Kenny Barnes from season one told Refinery29 in their spare time the guys did plank competitions, cooked together and went for runs.

The longest date was between three and four hours and people have fallen asleep in the pods

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the show’s creator Chris Coelen confirmed the longest pod date was between three and four hours. “One of the things I was amazed by was that they didn’t want to leave the pods, ever,” he said.

“They just wanted to be in the pods and spend as much time as they possibly could in there because they took it seriously and were truly falling for people. I think they were having fun doing it. We, of course, had to take them out of the pods to go to the bathroom, or to do an interview, eat or sleep. Sometimes people would even fall asleep in the pods, and we’d just let them.”

After dates, the cast members head off to their separate living quarters

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As we see on the show, there are men and women’s living quarters, and these are completely separate. Previous cast members have compared living on the show as like being in a sorority or frat house.

“Life at the facility felt like a sorority,” season one cast member Lauren Speed told OprahMag. “You’d think that people would be catty because some people would like the same guy. But we actually formed a sisterhood, no lie.”

She added to Refinery29: “The girls were with the rest of the girls and the guys would be with the other guys. We did everything. We baked, we had a twerk class. We would just have conversations, talk to each other about our experience, play pool. It was literally a sorority.”

At the end of the day, cast members are escorted to hotel rooms to sleep

In the first season, cast members complained as they “slept in trailers in correctional facility beds” so things were changed. Now cast members are taken to hotel rooms to sleep, but they are escorted there so they cannot see their potential suitors.

The pod section of the show lasts about 10 days

Daily routine for cast on Love Is Blind

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If you’re wondering how long the daters spend in the pod section, this part of filming lasts around 10 days. It starts with the full cast of around 30 people and during the 10 days some singles are let go, which is why we don’t see them all dating. “There was a certain point where we did a whittling down of people just to focus internally on the people who were really connecting, to allow them more time,” Chris Coelen said.

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