People have spotted a huge clue in season six that proves Love Is Blind is staged


In the most recent episodes of Love Is Blind on Netflix, people have spotted what they think is a huge clue the show could be staged. Yikes!

There have been questions about how authentic the show is for years, as there always are with reality shows, especially considering the dating series has contestants use those iconic gold wine glasses purely so viewers can’t pick up on continuity issues. But now, people have seen another error which throws doubt into the mix.

At the start of every season, loads of daters head to the pods to chat to potential suitors without seeing them. They are meant to chat, ask questions, and get to know one another naturally, without thinking about what they look like. However, in episode three of season six, it’s been noted these conversations might not be as “natural” as they seem.

During a date between Jimmy and Jessica, Jessica could be seen with her notepad chatting. However, the pad was full of printed out text. It doesn’t exactly look like she was taking notes or writing down prompts for her date – it was a full page of printed out sentences.

Clue Love Is Blind pods are staged, Netflix

via Netflix

“Umm tell me why this looks like script,” one person said, talking about the moment in a Facebook group. “This is very clearly printed.” Another added: “It’s literally all scripted.”

Previous cast members from the show have spoken about how the pod section works, and have admitted they are given talking points for their dates. According to Sal from season two, cast members are given suggestions of things to talk about, and are given “talking points” and “questions” before heading into their dates, but they don’t have to use them. Kyle from season two added: “There were kind of topics for the day. It was good if there was a lull in conversation, you just refer to the little notebook and you can drum up conversation.”

Does this clue prove Love Is Blind is staged? Hmmm. 👀

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