MAFS UK 2023 couple Erica and Jordan slam Peggy and Georges

‘I don’t believe in it whatsoever’: Erica and Jordan slate Peggy and Georges’ ‘fake’ relationship

‘They have an agreement that they only see each other once a week’

MAFS UK 2023 couple Erica and Jordan have slated fellow bride and groom Peggy and Georges, and branded their relationship after the show as fake.

Both couples said at the end of the show that they are still together and have made things work since their on-screen marriages, but now Erica and Jordan have said they “don’t believe” in Peggy and Georges together, and have called their relationship “manufactured” for fame.

Speaking to The Sun, Erica and Jordan let loose on Peggy and Georges, and didn’t hold back in sharing their opinions. They claimed Peggy and Georges aren’t genuine, and even said they have an agreement in place to hardly ever see one another now the show is over.

Jordan said watching the show back was “frustrating” as viewers “couldn’t tell who the fake couples were”. He claimed Peggy and Georges “would even admit themselves that they weren’t a real couple.”

“I just don’t believe Peggy and Georges as a couple,” Jordan said. “I didn’t believe in them at the time, and I know I said earlier about the editing not always being what it seems but, in Peggy and Georges’ case, it did seem accurate.

“Most people watching didn’t really understand them. I don’t understand how, as a couple, they always had a million problems, a million different problems, new problems every week, yet they were still happy enough to stay with each other. Surely, if you have that many problems as a couple, you wouldn’t be happy?

“But the reason why I feel like they could get through it, and be happy, is because they didn’t really care, so it’s not really a problem.”

Erica claimed the couple’s romance was “manufactured”, to which Jordan said: “I thought it was manufactured drama to get more airtime, and they probably had the most air time out of everyone. But I just feel like if you really care about someone, and you’re really into them, any small problem eats away at you.

“I just don’t believe in it whatsoever. We’ll see soon with couples; will they still be together in like a year’s time? I’ll be absolutely shocked if they are – unless they’re getting success together as a couple.”

Erica added: “They only see each other once a week. They have an agreement that they see each other once a week.”


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