Um, following MAFS UK 2023 Brad is now working at Savers in Grimsby

He’s been posing with all the Christmas bits on Facebook

Since being kicked off MAFS UK 2023, Brad Skelly has started a job at Savers in Grimsby. It’s not entirely clear if he worked here before the show, but when he was in the experiment he only mentioned his previous job as a model.

It looks as though he’s gone back to a normal day job working in the retail store, with the brand posting pictures of him and other staff members preparing for the festive period on its Facebook page.

“Christmas has come early in Grimsby Savers with our amazing offers and Black Friday deals,” one post said. The pictures attached show Brad holding up some perfumes, as he poses in his store uniform with his staff lanyard on.

Another post saw Brad with his fellow team members, with some Greggs bits they’d been sent whilst on shift. “Savers – A great team here in Grimsby celebrating a great place to work with a little help from Greggs,” the post said.

People have been quick to spot it’s Brad from MAFS UK 2023 in the posts by Savers, with one person joking: “Did the universe guide him to apply for the job?” Another added: “The universe has big things in store for him.” The brand has since limited comments on the posts.

Ahead of taking part on MAFS UK 2023, Brad was introduced as a 27-year-old model from Grimsby. “Grimsby-based model Brad is comfortable and secure in who he is and doesn’t care what people think of him, as long as he is being his authentic self,” his show bio read. “Brad has had success from a young age with his modelling career, and he has ended up feeling overwhelmed with the party lifestyle, and so turned to spirituality.”

It sure looks as though he’s gone back to the grind now!

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