MAFS UK 2023 cast who gained least Instagram followers

Who from MAFS UK 2023 gained the least Instagram followers from the show, ranked

Some didn’t find love or fame… what was even the point?

If they don’t find long term partners and love, the least the MAFS UK 2023 cast can expect is a bit of fame from being on the telly and a bunch of Instagram followers, right?

Unfortunately for some, that’s not been the case. They haven’t found love, and the fame didn’t follow either. Here is a ranking of the cast of MAFS UK 2023 who left the show having gained the least Instagram followers.

8. JJ – 89.4k

Just making it onto this list is JJ, who after the show sits on 89.4k followers. He might not have gained a wife from the show, but he and Ella said they became great friends during the experiment.

7. Paul – 84.7k

Up next is Paul, who can’t have any complaints about his 84.7k followers because he’s also found love with Tasha.

6. Nathanial – 80.9k

Nathanial might not have been on the show for very long, but he definitely had an impact. He and Ella had the first major bust-up of the season on their honeymoon, and then it all came crashing down after the cheating scandal. Now, Nathanial has refused to go to reunions with the cast, saying he “couldn’t think of anything worse”. Yikes.

5. Jordan – 67.5k

Despite finding love and getting into a lot of drama during MAFS UK 2023, Jordan is one of the cast members with the least Instagram followers now. He has 67.5k followers, but he did find love with Erica so he can’t complain!

4. Terence – 55.8k

Since the show, DJ Terence has 55.8k. He left as soon as he couldn’t take anymore with Porscha, and is now back to DJing.

3. Mark – 24.5k

Mark might not have found love, but he did have a journey on the show. From when he dramatically nearly didn’t even make it up the aisle to now, he’s got 24.5k followers on Instagram.

2. Porscha – 22.9k

Up next is Porscha, who since meeting Terence and dramatically leaving the show after a series of rows, now has 22.9k Instagram followers.

1. Sean – 10.4k

Unfortunately, out of all the cast members of MAFS UK 2023, Sean has gained the least followers. He has just over 10k followers after the experiment, which saw him join the show late and bow out early. He wasn’t on the series for very long, so this is to be expected!

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