Rozz and Thomas spending time together after MAFS UK 2023

Rozz and Thomas are spending time together again after MAFS and now I’m crying

‘Super grateful for our bond’

Rozz and Thomas from MAFS UK 2023 have said they are spending time together again after the experiment, and honestly I am sobbing. The pair became a fan favourite on the show, but then heartbreakingly went their separate ways following the homestays.

But since then, the ex-couple have proven there’s no bad blood between them, as they’ve been spending time together “reliving the honeymoon”. Posting on Instagram, they said they’d travelled to the SnowDome in Tamworth together, for a cute reunion. During the show, Rozz and Thomas had their honeymoon trip to an alpine house in Austria.

“I’ve had the best day with Tommmmm!!!,” Rozz said. “I realised I really can’t ski… I wasn’t dressed for the occasion, I had no gloves, and it was rather cold without a coat! I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s way easier skiing on a mountain in Austria than it was today!!

“Super grateful for our bond and friendship! Thank you for being amazing Tom. Of courseeeeee I got an icky tummy and needed Imodium just a typical Rozz end to the day.”

Thomas added: “Reliving the honeymoon dream skiing. Although we weren’t nearly as good as I thought we were 😂🥴 But it was so good to see the ex-wife, @rozzdarlington 😁 a relationship may not have come from it all but I’ve got a friend for life in Rozz!!! Our time as a couple has ended so now begins a lifetime of friendship.”

Since the show, Rozz has previously said she and Thomas are still friends. “We absolutely do love and respect each other and have a beautiful, amazing friendship,” she said.

Rozz called her homestay during MAFS, where the couple ended their marriage, the “saddest” time on her Married at First Sight journey, and described being “haunted” by a past relationship. But she said during reunion episodes they remembered their friendship and how much they have grown together.

Honestly, this is too cute.

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