Matt and Shona from MAFS UK 2023

MAFS UK 2023’s Matt and Shona say they’re planning on getting married already

‘We’ve spoken about engagement rings, we just need the money first’

MAFS UK 2023 bride and groom Matt and Shona have said they are planning to get married already, just weeks after the show has been on TV. The couple, who both got married to different people in the 2023 series, had been secretly dating after their relationships didn’t work out.

Matt was matched with and married Adrienne on the show this year, who together made it to the final vows, but in the reunion announced their differences had become too much. At the reunion he met Shona, and the couple have been secretly dating for five months whilst the show has been on.

Shona was married to Brad, who was axed from the show because of his controlling behaviour towards her, and they split around six weeks after leaving the experiment.

Now, in an interview, Matt and Shona have said they are already planning to get married. Matt told OK! Magazine: “We definitely want to get married. Getting married abroad would be lovely but, logistically, we would do it in the UK for family coming and stuff like that.”

Shona added: “Yeah, we’ve spoken about getting married. Matt has said he will wear a kilt because my family are Scottish. We would get married here in the UK and have an amazing honeymoon, maybe in Bali. We’ve spoken about engagement rings, we just need the money first.”

Matt said: “We do need the money, so there will be no ring anytime soon! But I would love to propose at some point… Let’s see how the next year goes in terms of finances. But it’s definitely on the cards!”

The couple also said they are looking to start a family in the “next few years”, after not wanting a family became one of the main reasons Matt’s marriage with Adrienne didn’t work out.

“It’s mental, but when you know, you know, and it just works,” Shona said. “And it can move at a healthy pace. I don’t even feel scared about anything.”

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