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Ranked: Sam Thompson’s top 10 iconic reality TV show appearances

If it has the word celebrity in it, there’s a 99 per cent chance he’s been on the show

Sam Thompson is most known for his appearance on the reality TV show Made in Chelsea, and is currently appearing on I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here! But since starting on Made in Chelsea he seems to have appeared in almost every single reality TV show known to man.

From dating ones, gameshow ones and even Big Brother, here are Sam Thompson’s top 10 reality TV show appearances ranked.

10. Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins

Sam Thompson appeared on this intense reality TV show back in 2019 as a contestant. He didn’t do great on the show, and because of his fiery personality would often get himself and the rest of his team punished because he’d talk back.

He just comes across as pretty annoying and self-centred on this show, although depending on what your opinions are of him you might think he comes across like that on every show!

9. Celebs Go Dating

Sam Thompson appeared on Celebs Go Dating not once, but twice, and sadly didn’t find love either time. This clip is absolutely mortifyingly awkward to watch as Sam decides it would be a good idea to do a Yoda impression for his date, and it’s giving the same energy as Will from The Inbetweeners.

8. CelebAbility

Sam Thompson appeared on CelebAbility twice, but this appearance was slightly less iconic than his later one. In the show contestants have to do ridiculous challenges, and Sam didn’t make as much of a fool of himself as he did in his other appearance on the show.

7. I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here!

I have no doubt that Sam is going to do really well in I’m A Celebrity, but given that the series has only just started I don’t feel like we have a lot to go on.

6. The Celebrity Circle

Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks are a duo that will literally never fail to make iconic reality TV show content. The Celebrity Circle was a spin-off of The Circle, and as always Sam and Pete’s energy is pure unhinged chaos.

5. CelebAbility

This is the better of Sam Thompson’s appearances on CelebAbility, with him playing a hilarious game where he speed texts using his feet and a massive keypad.

4. Celebrity Big Brother

Sam took part in Celebrity Big Brother in 2017 and came third in the show. He’s young, definitely was using fake tan and his hair is borderline white he’s bleached it so much.

If you decide to watch the old clips on YouTube expect lots of backwards hat-wearing, joggers and him being shirtless for no reason at all 24/7. AKA classic Sam Thompson.


3. I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp

In 2018 Sam appeared on I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp where he devoured some pretty nasty foods and honestly did it like a pro. If this is a taste of what he’ll be like on the challenges in I’m A Celebrity then we’re in for a good one!

2. Celebrity Coach Trip

They just don’t make shows like this anymore, Celebrity Coach Trip was such a time to be alive. Sam took part in the show in 2019 and sowed chaos throughout the group. I wouldn’t have lasted five minutes on that coach.

1. Made in Chelsea

Well, well, well. I mean are we surprised? Sam Thompson was on Made in Chelsea for eight years and gave us some of the best reality TV show content out there.

He has to get an extra award for not crying with laughter during Zara’s “you caaaaan” monologue.

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