Tasha from MAFS UK 2023 talks about her diabetes

Tasha says she’s ‘devastated’ her diabetes was edited out of MAFS UK 2023

She said if people knew, they may have thought about her differently on the show

MAFS UK 2023 bride Tasha Jay has said viewers haven’t seen her whole story during the experiment, and she’s “devastated” her diabetes has been edited out of the show.

Tasha has type 1 diabetes and said her condition wasn’t shown in the final edit of Married at First Sight, which she is “really sad” about. “I got filmed taking my insulin and checking my blood sugar,” she told BBC Newsbeat. “And I don’t know why it didn’t get shown, it does really upset me.”

Tasha was diagnosed at aged two, and said people have asked why that part of her was hidden on the show. “I’m like ‘I didn’t hide it’,” she said. “For whatever reason they haven’t shown it, which really upsets me because diabetes is a part of my story.”

She went on to say she thinks if people knew about her condition, they may have thought about her differently on the show. She said her blood sugar levels have a huge impact on her life and day-to-day, including symptoms such as mood swings. Tasha also pointed out other cast members, such as Jordan who has OCD, have had more about their back stories shared on the show.

She told BBC Newsbeat she didn’t ask the producers why her diabetes wasn’t included, but feels it’s now “too late”. Tasha added: “I’m devastated and what’s done is done. But the main thing is that people are realising now.”

Since appearing on the show, Tasha has put clips of her during filming dealing with her diabetes. “Nothing will stop me from having a good time,” she captioned a video of herself taking insulin at a brunch.

She has also done a video documenting the “typical day of a type 1 diabetic” which has had over 30k views. One comment on the video said: “Should of put some of this on MAFS I’m type 1 too and would of been cool to show we are normal people too!”

Speaking to Newsbeat about her lifestyle, Tasha said: “Even when it comes to packing your bag for your night out. It’s always ID, bank card… my injection, my meter to check blood sugar, energy tablets in case I go into hypo.

“I’m never going to let anything to do with diabetes hold me back. And I want everyone else to feel empowered and strong.”

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