TikTok quiz of 2022

Can you remember all these viral TikTok moments of 2022? Take this quiz to find out

My money don’t jiggle jiggle will be etched in my brain forever

TikTok is the gift that keeps on giving and 2022 proved just how much the world is obsessed with videos that for the most part, make no sense but provide us with bellyaches of laughter day in and day out. Everyone’s For You Page is catered to their niches and how they interact with videos on the app, but absolutely everyone has seen the biggest viral moments on TikTok no matter what their FYP looks like. But if you were given the chance to see how well you remember 2022 on TikTok, how certain are you that you’d get full marks? Take this TikTok quiz of 2022 to find out:


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