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RuPaul has said which queen he thinks deserved to win a crown, and you know what? Fair

He’s right and he should say it !!!

RuPaul has said which queen from the franchise he thinks really deserved to win a crown, and it’s a fan favourite that everyone’s been wishing took the win for years – Ru thinks Shangela had what it takes to go all the way.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Ru was asked by Andy Cohen if there was anyone across the course of the show’s history that deserved to win the season and a crown that perhaps didn’t. Literally without hesitation, RuPaul said “Shangela. She’s amazing. We’ve actually put her on the show, like, three times? Something like that. She’s a fabulous queen.”

Shangela first came into the Drag Race sphere all the way back on season two, where she went home first. Shangela was instantly charming and likeable, but she was a baby queen back then who didn’t have the aesthetic or skills to quite become a contender for the crown and she was out of her depth.

Ru then brought Shangela back for season three – and she was ready. She took the win on two challenges and got to the top six. Shangela then came back for a third time to compete on All Stars 3 – where she won the most challenges and the hearts of the fans. An infamous twist where the eliminated queens came back as a voting jury meant that Shangela didn’t make the top two, so the decision was out of the hands of RuPaul.

Trixie Mattel eventually won the crown, and she’s one of the most successful alumni of the show ever – so there’s no bones about the fact she deserved it. But it didn’t stop the cries of “Shangela was robbed!!!”, which is a sentiment clearly even RuPaul echoes.

Even without a crown, Shangela has been smashing her career. She stars on HBO’s We’re Here with Bob and Eureka, and she just got to the final of Dancing With The Stars this year!

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