Drag Race season 15 cast

They’re here! Meet the 16 vibey queens competing on season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race

There’s a set of actual twins competing?!?!?

The RuPaul’s Drag Race domination never ends – we haven’t gone barely a week in 2022 without a new episode of the franchise somewhere around the world, and in 2023 the engines are already started for the biggest year of Drag Race ever. Starting with the mothership: Drag Race US is kicking off its 15th season. Yesterday, World of Wonder announced the sickening cast – 16 queens, two of who are twins, are shaping this season up to be the biggest ever. Buckle up, it’s time to meet the 16 queens that make up the cast of Drag Race season 15!


Drag Race season 15 cast

Connecticut queen Amethyst describes herself as a “mix of pop princess and meme queen”. She’s big on TikTok, and two of her most popular videos are lip syncs to Kim K’s viral banana moment and an iconic recreation of Toni Colette’s legendary Hereditary monologue.


Drag Race season 15 cast

Anetra hails from Las Vegas, and considers herself a stunt queen and taekwondo master. I’m ready for the slay.

Aura Meyari

Drag Race season 15 cast

Aura Meyari is a Nashville queen – and is known for her viral video where she does a makeup transformation into Beyoncé.

Irene Dubois

Erm, this look? I’m gagged. Irene Dubois is Bosco from season 14’s drag sister. Bosco killed the season and got to the final – and since Bosco called Irene the greatest drag queen she knows on Instagram yesterday, I’d assume we’re in for great things. Like Bosco, Irene’s also from Seattle and calls herself an alien who loves extreme makeup transformation.


Drag Race season 15 cast

Before her drag career blew up, Jax started out as a competitive cheerleader – so you best believe she’ll be flipping and stunting her way through the challenges and down the runway. She started out in Connecticut, but is now a legend on the Queens scene in New York.

Loosey DaLuca

Drag Race season 15 cast

Loosey is ANOTHER queen from Connecticut! And she’s known for her live cabaret vocals. She’s really giving me The Vivienne in this pic, and I mean that as HIGH PRAISE!

Luxx Noir London

Drag Race season 15 cast

The youngest queen of the season! And not many can wear a load of seatbelts wrapped around them for a promo pic and still make it look high fashion. Luxx is from East Orange, New Jersey.

Malaysia Babydoll 

Drag Race season 15 cast

Malysia Babydoll Foxx joins season 15 as the first queen in RuPaul’s Drag Race history to be cast from Miami? How on earth has there never been a Miami queen before? She’s also one of the most followed queens in the cast – over 70k on Instagram.

Marcia Marcia Marcia

The temptation to say “Marcia Marcia Marcia, move over sis, it’s JAN” every time is real. This look is everything to me. Marcia Marcia Marcia, Triple M is an NYC queen who went viral for doing a jumpsplit on Broadway when she was in Kinky Boots. Icon.

Mistress Isabelle Brooks

The only Texas queen cast on season 15 of Drag Race is Mistress Isabelle Brooks, the notorious MIB describes herself as “the epitome of classic southern drag.”

Princess Poppy

This pink! It’s a slay I fear. Princess Poppy is another queen who went viral on TikTok, and hails from San Francisco. She says she’s bringing “both beauty and an eccentric edge to the competition.”

Robin Fierce 

ANOTHER Connecticut queen! *Brenda from Bristol voice* “Not another one? Oh I can’t stand this.” Just kidding, I of course CAN stand it. Petition to rename the film The Draggening in Connecticut.

Robin’s known for her sick looks and stellar live vocals.

Salina EsTitties

Salina EsTitties is an LA queen, who has the accolade of her show Eloteria being voted the best drag show in the city.

Sasha Colby

Sasha Colby, mother of season 14’s Kerri Colby, is one of the most known and established queens in drag to have never starred on the show before – so her appearance is a huge deal! Sasha was born in Hawaii, but is now based in LA.


One half of the twins competing this season, alongside her sister Sugar, the two have a whopping 7.4 million followers on TikTok. They’re competing as separate queens – Spice says she’s the “edgier” one of the two.


The second half of the twins in the Drag Race season 15 cast – Sugar, like Spice, also is based in LA. Sugar says it’s easy to tell the two apart, because she’s “the prettier one”.

Season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race begins January 6th on MTV and then drops on WOW Presents Plus. For all the latest reality TV news and gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.

All images courtesy of World of Wonder.

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