The Traitors quiz

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you how long you’d last on The Traitors

I’d be banished straight away I fear

If you don’t sit there watching every outstanding episode of The Traitors saying out loud how much you’d absolutely smash the show and win the money, you’re doing it all wrong. We’ve all got a deluded sense of confidence that we’d absolutely wipe the floor with everyone and win the money, whether we got chosen to be a traitor or if we were lumped with the faithfuls – but this quiz will sort the wheat from the chaff and tell you really how well you’d do if you were to ever find yourself on The Traitors.

It all comes down to your game plan, really – how much have you really got it in you to be ruthless, to lie, to cheat, to sneak and to maintain a poker face worthy of 120k. And that’s if you’re a traitor – if you’re a faithful, how sure are you you could fly under the traitors’ murderous radar and remain suspicion-free from the rest of your faithfuls who might think you’re the villain all along? Take this quiz to see how well you’d actually do on The Traitors, but don’t come for me if you don’t like the answer!

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