A deep dive into the cringey and cool Instagram accounts of The Traitors contestants

Tom’s magic account gives me the ick quite a bit

The Traitors on BBC has literally taken the UK by storm and the cast Instagrams have left me shook. The contestants on this season are from all walks of life and their Instagrams prove this. We’ve got a BMX athlete, an influencer, a cheerleading coach and one of them is even in panto this year. Let’s take a deep dive into the Instagram accounts of The Traitors contestants.

Aaron Evans

Aaron is a 24-year-old property agent from Portsmouth he reckons his experience in sales will come in handy during his time on Traitors. Which is a flop considering about a third of the other contestants considered him being a traitor in the first three episodes. According to his Instagram, Aaron divides his time between Marbella and Portsmouth – he’s also vegan! He doesn’t post often but when he does he’s always outside doing something which is wholesome.

Aisha Birley

Aisha was unfortunately the first contestant to be officially murdered in the castle. Her Instagram is a massive vibe with so many photos being of herself on holiday.

Alex Gray

Alex Gray is a 26-year-old influencer from London so you can already probably imagine what her Instagram feed is like. it’s full of influencer-esque photos and reposts from TikTok. She has 52,000 Instagram followers including one of them being Joe Sugg.


Alyssa is one of the original traitors on the show and her Instagram is giving off big main character vibes. She posts loads of cool selfies and pictures that make her life look incredibly fun.

Amanda Jayne Lovett

Amanda is the resident hun of The Traitors season one. Her acting skills are second to none and her Instagram is gorgeous too. She says she’s someone who likes watching reality TV but feels it’s geared towards the younger generation but magic behind Traitors made her really fancy having a go.

Her Instagram is so slay. She posted a photo in the summer with the hashtag “girls out” and the red wine emoji. Icon status earned.


Amos is a 30-year-old doctor from North London and his Instagram is now what you’d expect. It’s full of gorgeous pictures and shirtless selfies. His chain is actually gorgeous. He’s also no stranger to TV, he’s had a few appearances on Jeremy Vine and his own segment Dr Amos Discusses.


In the first episode I thought Andrew was a goner. She gave off big main character energy but since then she seems to have slipped under the radar. The 72-year-old from Belgium says she was interested by the missions in Traitors. As for her private life, there’s not much to get considering she doesn’t actually have Instagram which isn’t shocking considering she is….72.


Claire is a 43-year-old ex-police officer and entrepreneur from Hull. Her Instagram is actually quite wild. It’s giving mum of three but then the odd post she’s in leather underwear. Very camp, very iconic.


Fay has been called out left right and centre on Traitors. In the first few episodes she was voted most two-faced and that really shocked her. Her Instagram handle is @RadioGirlz and she has #80sMusic in her bio. However her account is on private so unfortunately we can’t see her content.


Hannah is a 32-year-old comedian but I’m yet to see her crack a joke. I’ve had more laughs with John which is saying something. Hannah doesn’t have an Instagram account unfortunately.


Ivan has been through it in recent episodes of Traitors. He’s a 32-year-old author from Cornwall and his Instagram feed is beautiful. He posts such nice and aesthetic photos including loads of cycling ones of him in America.


Imran is a 23-year-old scientist from Cambridge and he made no effort to hide how smart he thought he was. He was banished in the first few episodes after people assuming he was a traitor. He doesn’t have Instagram unfortunately which is a shame as so many people were thirsting over him on Twitter.


For some reason everyone thinks John is evil but to be honest, I don’t see it. From the looks of it on his Instagram, he’s in pantomime this year which is jokes. He’s in Peter Pan and currently in dress rehearsals for it.


Kieran was part of this season’s most shocking revelations. The 42-year-old solutions consultant from Hertfordshire posts a lot on Instagram but it’s mainly him sharing his TikTok videos. One of them being about the route of his run mapping out to be the same shape as a penis – really, really good jokes! Oh he also celebrated Wayne Linekar’s birthday in Ibiza with Wayne lol.


Every episode I see Maddy and every time I feel as though it’s the first time I’ve ever seen her. The 29-year-old receptionist’s Instagram feed is full of selfies and her boyfriend. It gives off the vibe of that one girl you met during Freshers’ Week and you just haven’t got round to unfollowing yet.


I can’t help but feel sorry for Matt and the heartbreak he experienced after finding out Alex had a boyfriend. But then I quickly got over my empathy for him when I remembered he’s a 23-year-old BMX athlete. His Instagram is pure BMX with the occasional selfie of him in his helmet.


Meryl’s Instagram is nothing but a vibe. It’s night out after night out and I’m obsessed. Also can we take a moment for this stunning double denim outfit?? I’m shaking!


Nicky was banished way too fast for my liking. The 45-year-old accounts supervisor from South Croydon posts a lot on Instagram featuring her charity activities and her dog, Bow.


I hate to say it but Rayan is like Maddy in the sense that I forget he exists. He’s a 25-year-old trainee lawyer and his Instagram handle is @thegramofRayan which is evil. His feel features a lot of posing from him and it’s quite theatrical to be honest.


Theo is a 26-year-old cheerleading coach from Leeds who says he applied for Traitors hoping it would push him out of his comfort zone. His instagram feed is very cool and shows off his lavish lifestyle travelling the world and going on nights out.


Tom is Alex’s boyfriend and he was very recently banished from Traitors. His Instagram is a lot of magic which may or may not give you the ick. It’s a lot of him doing tricks in random places and getting his mates to film him. Also interestingly, Alex is nowhere to be seen on his grid.


Wilfred is another traitor and he’s a senior fundraiser from North London. His Instagram is full of photos like this and it looks like pop art and it is hell. From the looks of it, he started his Instagram up back in September launching it with a post saying: “This is going to be a full of all the crazy things that are coming up in my life.” So cursed.

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