Anna Paul transformation

Anna Paul’s transformation as she reveals to fans all the cosmetic work she’s had done

She said in an interview she has ‘no idea why people aren’t upfront about work they have done’

Anna Paul has taken over TikTok and she is showing no signs of stopping. The Australian social media star has been around for a fair few years but it was the beginning of 2022 and her incredible holidays that saw her go viral on TikTok. Dubbed as everyone’s best friend on TikTok, Anna has been transparent about her plastic surgery journey. In a video that has accumulated seven million views, Anna opened up about her jaw filler and botox and shared images of what she looked like before. Here is Anna Paul’s transformation over the years:

Anna has had chin and jaw filler

Anna Paul has always been very honest about what procedures she has had done. In a recent TikTok, which now has 1.3 million likes, Anna said she gets her chin and jaw done once a year and showed back to back photos of her when she was around 17 years old in comparison to now at 22.

Anna Paul transformation

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She said: “This is the reality of what I do to my face once a year to look the way that I do. It’s not real. Basically this is all filler, it’s fake. Same with my jaw, it’s fake. I’m showing you this so you don’t compare your natural face to somebody’s fake face. I don’t want you to look at me and be like, ‘You’re naturally so pretty’. I think everybody’s naturally pretty, but this isn’t real and I have filled here to flatten out these lines.”

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“There’s so many filler things that you have no idea even exists. You wouldn’t look at me and think, ‘I bet her chin is naturally this small.’ You would think my lips are fake because you can always tell when you’ve had your lips done,” she added.

Anna Paul transformation

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In another video, Anna recalled how people have told her to slow down on botox and filler, to which she said that her filler makes her look different to when she was 16 and likes it a lot more. She said: “I’m 22 right now, I look younger than I have ever looked. I have the jaw filler now. My filler isn’t making me look older. Filler won’t always wreck yourself, it can help a lot and make you look completely different. People don’t always look better before filler.”

Anna Paul transformation

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Anna has also had her teeth worked on via composite bonding

In another TikTok video, Anna said she had got her “crooked teeth” fixed. She said she had been using Invisalign for two years to fix the bottom set of her teeth and said her teeth were still crooked because she didn’t wear them all the time and told her fans to not make the same mistake as her.

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She said: “I had composite bonding done. That’s where they add products to your teeth, they don’t have to grind your teeth to put it on, it doesn’t ruin your teeth. So I’m very happy. I love it, I think it’s such a good alternative to getting veneers.


Me teeth transformation 🥲

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She got her lips done on her 18th birthday

Anna got her first cosmetic procedure done when she turned 18. Speaking with Australian News, she said: “Through high school I was 16, even when I was 13 I knew that when I was older I wanted to have my lips done, because I had such small lips. I just knew that I wanted to, so for my 18th birthday I got lip injections the second I was legally allowed to get them done.

In 2020, Anna estimated she spent $15,000 on cosmetic work

Two years ago, Anna estimated she had likely spent around $15,000 on cosmetic work that included a Botox brow lift, injections in her chin, cheeks and jaw and eyelash extensions. The TikTok star has encouraged people to not “compare your natural face to someone’s bought face”.

She said: “Personally, I have no idea why people aren’t upfront about work they have done. I think it’s something that people should talk about. I think that why don’t you just help other girls out and tell them what you’ve had done. That way not only will they not compare themselves to you and have unrealistic expectations for how they should look.”

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