People are convinced Amber Gill and Jen Beattie are dating, here’s all the evidence

I’m obsessed with Jen’s Love Island arch

Amber Gill has had a wild ride since coming out, and now to top it all off she’s facing rumours saying she and footballer Jen Beattie are dating – fans are obsessed. Amber Gill came out publicly four months ago after tweeting about “switching teams” and she seems to be happier than ever. She’s truly got the girls and gays in a chokehold.

Jen Beattie is an Arsenal player for the women’s team and she’s iconic. Here’s all the evidence we have that says Jen Beattie and Amber Gill are actually dating:

The comments are non-stop

These comments have been going on since July this year when Amber uploaded this TikTok about how she feels when a guy compliments her vs a girl. Jen Beattie commented two emojis which might not mean anything but also could mean everything.

via TikTok

In another TikTok video, Amber lip synced to “You can’t just treat me like shit and just…ah fuck it.” And she captioned her video with: “Me with my favourite ex” and Jen Beattie commented a simple “😁”. Very, very interesting.

Now over on Jen’s socials Amber has been no stranger in the comment section. Jen shared a photo of her playing football for her team, Arsenal, and Amber commented “😍😍” only two days ago.

Then yesterday Jen Beattie shared a photo of herself in her new kit and Amber Gill said: “Ok content queen.” Jen replied with the nail emoji and said “reeeeeeally” which people on TikTok is her mocking Amber’s Geordie accent.

Okay now this is when it gets very flirty. Amber posted a TikTok of her attempting to fall into a backwards crab and she says she’s unwell and bored in the house” by herself. Jen is FIRST in the comments asking if Amber needs any help. Amber said: “Yes please, I’m not very well and I need a cuddle. I feel that could really improve my form.” And Jen replied to her saying she was “En route.” Guys, I’m so obsessed with them.

As for Teddy Edwardes and Amber Gill, neither of them follow one another and their last public interaction was Teddy commenting “More like a migraine tbh” on Amber’s post about being a headache. Amber responded with: “Stop publicly flirting with me, everyone will think we’re together!”

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