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Meet Alex Gray, the presenter and influencer with a secret boyfriend on The Traitors

Obsessed with the video of her interviewing Dr Alex from Love Island

If you didn’t get addicted to The Traitors last week, then I need to know what on earth you were doing with your life. The Claudia Winkleman presented reality show pits people off against each other in a game of suspicion and lies as three traitors kill off the faithfuls in a race to winning 120k. It’s been nonstop drama, and the cast are causing absolute mayhem with their accusations and dramatic reactions. We’ve had tears, evil John and a secret relationship. The latter belongs to one contestant, Alex Gray – the vibey influencer turning heads on The Traitors whilst the other lads have no clue her boyfriend Tom is competing too.

Here’s all you need to know about Alex Gray from The Traitors, the TV presenter, influencer and actress and all she gets up to when she isn’t trying to oust traitors on the BBC.

How old is she and where’s she from?

Alex is a 26-year-old UCL psychology graduate, and she’s London based now.

When she isn’t ousting Traitors, she’s a TV presenter

Alex does a lot of presenting for various different outlets. She’s worked corporately for companies like Nissan and Budweiser as well as big poker championships. She’s also interviewed a wide range of celebs, from Yungblud to Dr Alex George from Love Island.

She runs her own business

As well as the presenting and some acting and influencing, Alex Gray founded a business that she’s got shared in her Insta bio. The company is called Toxic London, and makes self-love decals for on your mirror. Simultaneously a bit cringe and a bit of a vibe.

As well as presenting, she’s also an actress

According to her IMDb, she’s starred in two things: an episode of Witness Data and played Jessie on the Love Island mobile game.

She’s got a boyfriend and he’s ALSO on The Traitors

Alex Gray and her boyfriend Tom Elderfield are both competing on The Traitors, and currently their relationship is a secret – but from the teaser we saw last week it’s all about to come out in tomorrow’s episode. The two have no photos together on social media which is, admittedly, a bit bizarre. Tom is a magician, and counts Dynamo as a mate. I assume that’s magician goals.

Her Instagram is a major vibe

Alex’s Insta, @alexogray, is filled with pictures of her doing presenting work, interviewing celebs, promoting The Traitors and going on holidays most of us could only dream of. She’s got 50k followers too! Alright for some.

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