Christmas Elf Bar flavour

Erm guys, you can now buy these six new Christmas flavour Elf Bars!!

Omg the cinnamon Christmas girlies are going to die

Elf Bar have released a collection of Christmas flavours and students all over the country are shaking. In the range there are flavours such as red velvet cake and gingerbread men!! Plus there are also Christmas Elf Bar special edition designs available too which have gorgeous snowmen on them.

Elf Bars have quickly dominated every single uni smoking area across the country – they have spread like wildfire and now you can buy ones for this year’s festive season. In each Elf Bar there are up to 600 puffs and they are equivalent to approximately 45 cigarettes. A study from this year found Elf Bar and Geek Bar together make up 60 per cent of all disposable vape sales in the UK.

These Christmas Elf Bar vapes are currently available in six different flavours and the designs are pretty cool.

Here’s a rundown of all the Elf Bar Christmas flavours you can buy right now

Chocolate brownie cookie Elf Bar

This vape is biiiiig Christmas vibes. It has been described as: “A totally irresistible soft, rich and gooey chocolate brownie, pressed and shaped into a delightful cookie.”

Cinnamon orange Elf Bar

Vape UK describes this as a festive orange with a spicy base of cinnamon. One for the Starbucks girlies!

Ginger man Elf Bar

This one is actually called just “Ginger man” instead of Gingerbread and I think that’s pretty funny! Especially because it’s been described as “A classic Christmas stocking filler” – Ah yes, I love getting a ginger man in my stocking. Apparently this Elf Bar tastes like “the soft baked goodness of cinnamon, nutmeg and a sweet buttery biscuit.”

Hazel toffee Elf Bar

Who doesn’t love hazelnuts? This Elf Bar is a “smoothly blended nutty toffee,” big yum.

Honey apple Elf Bar

This Christmas Elf Bar has been described as “warm honey crisp aromatic apples, delivery a sweet and subtle tarty and tangy flavour with fruity goodness.”

Red velvet cake Elf Bar

Red velvet cake is already getting the most attraction from the new collection and I think that’s because it would bang the most as a vape flavour. It has been described as “a tarty and tangy traditional red-tinted cocoa sweet buttermilk vanilla cake, awash with smooth, soft and tender creamy icing.” She’s serving Great British Bake Off and we’re not mad about it!

Take a look at the new Elf Bar range here.

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