Love Island break up

All the evidence behind Love Island’s scarily accurate three month break up curse

Ron and Lana are clearly its latest victims


In very unshocking news, Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins from winter Love Island 2023 have broken up. But, despite the fact we could all see the end of their romance was coming, there was something eerie about their announcement: It was exactly after this amount of time that Gemma Owen and Luca Bish from Love Island 2022 decided to split, too. Hmm. 

Spookily, since season five, one couple from every Love Island series has broken up at the cursed three month mark. And this trend was actually predicted by science. Well, data analysis by Watches2U

Looking at how long all the top three couples from each season of Love Island had stayed together after leaving the villa in the past, the 2019 analysis predicted future couples would last an average of 69 days together in the real world. Aka–just under three months. 

According to dating experts, the reason for this three month curse is that 12 weeks is pretty much the point where shit starts to get real in relationships and many people decide to dip out if it isn’t going well.

“The fact that Love Island couples often split around 3 months after leaving the villa, neatly coincides with the end of the honeymoon period,” relationships expert at, Hayley Quinn, tells The Tab. “Whilst this is more pronounced with Islanders, who have to come down from the emotional high of living in the villa and everything that comes with new found fame, all couples go through a transition period and a certain amount of pressure after several months together.”

“Really what we’re seeing is how the couple functions day to day, when the immediate excitement of a new relationship has died down,” She continues. “Often around the 3 month mark couples may have to reconcile some key areas of compatibility: do they want to spend the same amount of time together, do they share longer term goals, and do they have enough to talk about when there’s not constant excitement? If these larger compatibility filters don’t add up, and there’s not the comradery of the villa (not to mention the allure of winning) to hold couples together, it’s unsurprising that in the real world they go their separate ways.”

So, clearly Lana and Ron (who “never went on Love Island for love”) have buckled under the three month pressure. And, just in case you need more evidence that this curse is real, here are all the other couples who’ve all fallen at the same hurdle. 

India and Ovie – series five third place

india and ovie

Ovie and India made the “amicable” decision to break up three months after leaving the villa, according to the MailOnline. Apparently, conflicting schedules were their downfall – but there were also rumours Ovie kissed Maya Jama in a London club, which he denies.

Demi and Luke M – series six third place

demi and luke

Winter Love Islanders Demi and Luke M also broke up after three months and, savagely, Luke is actually now ENGAGED to the 2019 Islander Lucia Donlan. At least the show helped him find love somehow?…

Kaz and Tyler – series seven fourth place

kaz and tyler

2021 finalists Kaz and Tyler split after three months on the outside world because Kaz didn’t feel “appreciated” by Tyler. “I was never faking it. I never acted up… I was very myself and I was how I’d be in any other relationship,” she said on her YouTube channel. “I don’t think I was fully appreciated, but that’s just life. Sometimes that happens, and that’s okay.”

Gemma and Luca – series eight runners up

gemma and luca

Gemma and Luca split with Gemma announcing the break up to the world on Instagram while clueless Luca had his phone switched off. “It wasn’t an easy decision but ultimately this is what is best for us both right now,’ she wrote. “Many of you have been on this journey with us from the very beginning, and I want to thank you for your continued support as we start new chapters.”

Lana and Ron – series nine runners up

Love Island split

And, finally (well, until next year’s contestants bite the dust) 2023 winter Love Islanders Lana and Ron split up this week after failing to making long distance between Manchester and Essex work.

“Lana and Ron really put everything into their romance and have tried to make things work for some time now. Unfortunately, they have decided to separate, which is a decision they have made amicably and of course, they still remain good friends,” reported the MailOnline.

“Commuting from Manchester to Essex and back again whenever they wanted to spend time together, as well as managing their work commitments just proved too difficult.”

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