Kelly Fisher Dodi Fayed relationship

Here’s everything you need to know about Kelly Fisher, Dodi Fayed’s girlfriend before Diana

Apparently, she and Dodi were engaged

Princess Diana’s relationship with Dodi Fayed is briefly touched on in The Crown season five, with the new season mainly focusing on her friendship with his father, Mohamed. However, before Dodi and Diana were in a relationship, he was dating American model Kelly Fisher, and they were reportedly engaged. But there is a lot more to know about Dodi and Kelly’s relationship than what is mentioned in The Crown. Here is everything you need to know about Dodi Fayed’s ex-girlfriend, Kelly Fisher:

Kelly Fisher became romantically involved with Dodi in 1996

Kelly Fisher Dodi Fayed relationship

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Kelly Fisher is a model from Kentucky in the USA, and she became romantically linked with the Egyptian billionaire in 1996 after they met in Paris during the summer. Reportedly, Dodi and Kelly were engaged by February 1997. The couple then bought a mansion in Malibu together, which is depicted in season five of The Crown. In real life, Kelly said her and Dodi’s wedding was meant to happen in the summer of 1997 but things turned out differently.

Kelly claimed that Dodi met Princess Diana while she prepared for their wedding

Fisher has famously claimed that Dodi began seeing Princess Diana in the summer of 1997 after they met in Saint-Tropez, all while Fisher prepared for their wedding in Los Angeles. She also claimed that Dodi dumped her over the phone on the same day his and Diana’s relationship was publicly reported on by the press. The phone call was recorded by Fisher and later played at a 2007 inquest into Princess Diana’s death. In a part of the phone call, it was noted that Dodi said: “Will you stop it? We broke up, Kelly.”

In an interview with the News of the World, Kelly said: “He [Dodi] would reappear more than four or five hours later without explanation – other than that his father needed him. I now know that it was at that time he was romancing Diana.”

Kelly was going to sue Dodi for ending their relationship in 1997

Kelly Fisher Dodi Fayed relationship

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Kelly Fisher was actually going to sue Dodi Fayed for the end of their relationship in 1997, but dropped the lawsuit following his and Princess Diana’s death. According to AP, Fisher claimed Fayed offered her $500,000 to reduce her work commitments so she could spend more time with him but she only ever received $60,000. Fisher planned to sue for the breach of contract, asking for a sum of $440,000.

Kelly Fisher remarried and now lives in South Carolina

Kelly Fisher is now known as Kelly Movshina. She married pilot Mikhail Movshina and they now live in South Carolina along with their daughter Alexandra Grace. Kelly is no longer in the public eye as works as a property developer and hasn’t spoken about her relationship with Dodi Fayed since speaking with News of the World.

Erin Richards plays Kelly Fisher in The Crown

Fisher is played by Welsh actress Erin Richards in The Crown season five. Richards only appeared in one episode of season five but is expected to return in season six. Erin is best known for her role in Breaking In as Molly Hughes, as well as starring in Gotham as Barbara Kean.

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