Here is what The Crown actors really think about the royals they portray in season five

Elizabeth Debicki described Princess Diana as ‘one of a kind’

The Crown has been out for a week and there has been a lot of talk surrounding just how fit the actors are, with some of them even acknowledging it themselves. While the actors are portraying real life historical figures, they have had their fair share to say on just exactly what they think about the members of the Royal Family, particularly the ones they have starred as in The Crown. From Olivia Williams talking about being too fit to play Camilla to Elizabeth Debicki talking about how she nailed Princess Diana’s voice, the actors have had a lot to say. Here are the The Crown actors’ opinions on the royals they portray in season five:

Dominic West – Prince Charles

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As soon as The Crown dropped on Netflix, all anyone could talk about is just how attractive Dominic West was and how he was way too attractive to play Prince Charles. If we’re being honest, it’s true! Dominic West hasn’t spoke on him being too hot to play the now King but did admit the most difficult part about playing Charles was “getting out of cars and waving at crowds”. He said: “Saluting and all that sort of stuff is quite hard if you’re a humble actor and not a Prince of Wales.”

From Dominic’s research into Prince Charles, he told The Hollywood Reporter that the new King had touched the lives of many people, and “there’s not many people you could say that about.”

Elizabeth Debicki – Princess Diana

princess diana

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Elizabeth Debicki stepped into the role of Princess Diana for the fifth season of The Crown and has beamed about how much adored the princess’s style in shoes. Debicki described Diana’s fashion sense as “the most brilliant thing” she had ever soon, and who can blamed her? She also raved about the iconic revenge dress, which she dubbed “pretty incredible”. Elizabeth described taking on the role of Princess Diana as a “true privilege” and said the princess had an “incredibly funny sense of humour”.

Olivia Williams – Camilla Parker-Bowles

The Crown actors opinions on royals

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Olivia Williams has to be one of the most witty actors in The Crown season five because her responses about Camilla have been like no other. Williams, like Debicki, said that Camilla had a “wicked sense of humour”, which enabled her to look into the now Queen Consort’s personality. Olivia described Camilla as “a real advocate for women” and admitted she is actually a fan of hers and had met her years before starring in The Crown.

Imelda Staunton – Queen Elizabeth II

The Crown actors opinions on royals

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Imelda Staunton had admitted that playing the role of Queen Elizabeth II “is terrifying” and was initially daunted she was offered the role. The actor takes the reins from Olivia Colman who played the late monarch in the past season. Imelda described the Queen to have “a complete lack of ego” and as someone who has “no vanity”.

Jonathan Pryce – Prince Philip

The Crown actors opinions on royals

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The Crown’s Jonathan Pryce takes on the role of Prince Philip in season five and said he played him as a “fictional character”. Pryce told Yahoo UK he was not a fan of the British monarchy but his portrayal of the late Duke allowed him to understand Philip better. He said that he and his wife Kate “got hooked” on The Crown after watching the first episode and after playing Philip, his feelings on the monarchy were “reinforced”.

He said: “I suppose, looking at Prince Philip it’s made me much more aware of the kind of man he was behind the headlines. He spent most of his life getting a bed press for saying all the wrong things, usually in the colonies, and finding more about the man who was behind all of that has changed my view of him, essentially.”

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