Senan West Prince William

Omg, the actor who plays Prince William in The Crown is actually Dominic West’s son

The Crown was his acting debut!

It isn’t uncommon for children of famous actors to play their children in TV shows or movies, but it’s always shocking when you finally realise how long you didn’t pick up on it. In the fifth season of The Crown, fans begin to see a lot more of Prince William as he goes to start at Eton College and begin to navigate life while his parent’s marriage was falling apart. Prince William in season five of The Crown is played by Senan West, who some will be shocked to know is actually Dominic West’s son!

Dominic West stars as Prince Charles in the fifth season of The Crown and as we all know is the father of Prince William. Senan made his acting debut in The Crown and what better way is there to do it than playing the future King of England?

Senan West Prince William

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Speaking with Town and Country, Dominic West revealed that the decision to cast Senan was after the casting agent told him they were finding it difficult to cast the role of Prince William. Senan reportedly submitted a taped audition via his agent and got the role! Senan ticked all the boxes of being a blonde, blue-eyed 13-year-old boy, and despite never having acted before – he got the job.

Dominic West said having his son play his fictional son was “great”. He said it was a “shortcut to a sort of tactile intimacy that you have with your kids that no one else has.” Senan also auditioned to continue the role into season six, when Charles and William begin to clash and West admitted he felt “uncomfortable” with the idea of that and thought “thank god” when Senan didn’t get the part.

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