An ode to Zanab: The strongest and most empowering woman in Love Is Blind season three

Let’s be honest here, Zanab wasn’t the problem in her relationship

Zanab is the best part of Love Is Blind season three. Despite being too good for that silly little slow and way too good for the likes of Cole Barnett. Season three proved how good the producers are at finding awful men and how regardless of how many red flags he waves, there are still people apologising for and protecting Cole.

Zanab dealt with so much during her journey and always maintained a level-head and strong sense of who she is. We all know what went down at her wedding with Cole, it made me respect her a whole lot more which I didn’t think was even possible. Here are all the reasons why we don’t deserve Zanab Jaffrey and why she’s the best woman in the history of Love Is Blind.

There’s nothing we love more than a woman who knows her own worth

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Zanab knew she was too good for Cole, deep down. It might have got lost a couple of times but she found it and showcased her strength at the altar. At the start of the season she was a little quiet but she’s come out being one of the most memorable personalities in the history of Love Is Blind and it’s because she didn’t take any of Cole’s shit.

She dealt with so much during her relationship

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Zanab endured so much during her relationship with Cole. From him saying other women in the group are more attractive, to weaponising mental health and controlling the food she ate – she deserves a medal.

Now I’m not saying men’s feelings don’t matter, because they do. It can’t have been nice for Cole when Zanab walked away from the altar and had a round of applause. But at the same time he needed to hear those truths and he needed to see she had support. He has some real maturing to do

Zanab is here for the girls and ready to hold all the boys accountable

Zanab and Nancy became particularly close this season which is down to the fact they both got screwed over by their fiances. And they both also stuck with each other, building one another back up.

Also let’s not forget how understanding Zanab was to Colleen during the whole pool party situation. Colleen is the woman Cole fancied more and instead of going against her, she put her anger in the right direction and aimed it at the man who owed her that loyalty.

Zanab tried so hard with Cole

She tried harder than him in their relationship, there’s no doubt about it. He even tried to get another girl’s number at his bachelor party – you can’t tell me that’s the sign of a man who is trying. She kept pushing for Cole to open up, mature and have adult conversations with her but that’s not something he was capable of. In the end she put herself first and chose to tell him exactly how he made her feel and it was so refreshing to watch.

The entire wedding was empowering to watch and she handled it so well

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Zanab and Cole’s wedding day was explosive to say the least. She ripped into him so hard at the altar. After saying she won’t marry him she continued: “You have disrespected me, you have insulted me, you have critiqued me, and for what it’s worth, you have single-handedly shattered my self-confidence. And the messed up thing is I know I love you but love shouldn’t feel this way. I can’t marry you.”

Cole was left crying and he told the camera how shocked he was to hear that. He said she had fooled him big time, but let’s be real, it was a long time coming.

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