horror film checklist

Think you’re a huge horror fan? Let’s see if you’ve seen at least 50 of these iconic films

Don’t even talk to me unless you can recite Toni Collette’s monologue from Hereditary

Everyone who considers themselves a horror genre superman needs to have a horror film checklist to wade through – that’s just a fact. I’ve got you covered, and as a lifelong fan who literally lives and breathes horror I really think these are the 60 films that you need to cross off and see – from the scary to the strange, the gory to the spooky!

The 60 are films taken from all across the history of horror, and films from all across the world. If you’ve seen all 60 of these I will literally come and give you some sweets from my trick or treat bucket, because your taste is exquisite if so. All bases are covered, from the 70s classics like Halloween, Alien, The Shining and Jaws, to the 80s heavyweights like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Poltergeist and Hellraiser.

90s excellence like Scream, The Blair Witch Project and Misery is all here, 00s frights like Saw, Switchblade Romance and Paranormal Activity haunt the proceedings and the 2010s modern classics like Hereditary, The Witch and Get Out – it’s a horror journey through history.

Complete the horror film checklist below to see how many you’ve actually seen out of these 60 essentials, and then make sure you share your results on social media and share the checklist with everyone you know who loves horror to compare who’s the biggest super fan. The best horror film on this list? Scream. Fight me!

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