Halloween movies quiz

Not even Michael Myers himself could get full marks in this Halloween movie trivia quiz

Now we can really tell who has been paying attention

The Michael Myers universe is something to applaud. The amount of movies that have been produced solely about one man who is in the films for about 20 minutes going on a rampage for pretty much no reason and people still go to the cinema to watch it. Whether it’s to be feared about how gullible we all are or applaud how well the advertising of the movies do to make us watch the movies, we’ll never know. The Halloween franchise came to some kind of end after the release of Halloween Ends in 2022, when it seemed that Michael Myer’s reign on a small town in Illinois had come to an end.

If you’ve watch a fair few or even all of the Halloween movies, how well could you do in a quiz if you were tested on your knowledge on the franchise? Maybe you’re a Mike Myers fanatic and are obsessed with his gruesome mask or maybe you’re just a fan of the neverending plotlines Blumhouse Productions manages to find.

If you reckon you could get full marks, take a shot at this Halloween movies quiz:

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