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Everything you need to know about Amy Loughren, the nurse who brought down Charles Cullen

Amy managed to convince Cullen to confess to his crimes

The Good Nurse is Netflix’s latest crime drama film based on the true story of serial killer Charles Cullen. The movie stars Eddie Redmayne who plays the role of Cullen and Jessica Chastain who takes on the role of Amy Loughren, the nurse who helped build a case against Charles Cullen.

While working together, Charles Cullen and Amy Loughren became good friends and Amy was the one who turned in Cullen after discovering the number of lethal medications he had been ordering. But how did Amy Loughren bring down Cullen and where is she now? Here is everything you need to know about Amy Loughren and where she is now:

Amy and Charles were good friends while working together

Cullen and Loughren both worked together in the Intensive Care Unit at Somerset Hospital in New Jersey in the early 2000s. Amy recalled how “funny” Cullen was. “We bonded right away and became friends”, she said.

The pair were said to be “inseparable” and they shared late night snacks together while on shift and even spoke about Cullen’s divorce. Amy had taken on nightshifts at the hospital as she was ill and needed the extra work to pay for medical insurance. While working together, Cullen helped Amy cover up her illness and helped look after her daughters when she was sick.

Amy Loughren now

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Speaking with New Jersey news, Amy said: “Charlie and I were very trauma-bonded in the same way that soldiers bond. And I had a relationship with him that was very fun, very funny. We would banter, and he was one of the closest people to me.”

Amy assisted the police in the investigation into Cullen

In 2003, the Somerset County Police Department began investigating a string of mysterious deaths, with many of them being based on hospital reports showing abnormal signs in patients. As the detectives began to interview staff at the hospital, Detective Danny Baldwin found Loughren “special“. While they continued to discuss the case with Loughren, they soon realised they had to stop Cullen.

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The police needed sufficient evidence and it was Amy who got Cullen to confess. Amy agreed to wear a wire and meet Cullen, while the police waited outside to apprehend him. Loughren confronted Cullen about the deaths. She said: “He sat straight up. The colour of his eyes changed. He put a smirk on his face and said, ‘I’m going to go down fighting’.”

Amy convinced Cullen to confess to his crimes

After the police arrested Cullen, Amy managed to convince him to confess to the murders. In 2006, Charles Cullen was convicted of 29 murders and was sentenced to 11 consecutive life sentences. Now 57 years old, Amy said: “When I was 100 per cent certain that he was not a mercy killer, that he was a cold-blooded murderer, I had to get past my own terror and my own fear that he might actually murder me or murder my children.”

Amy now lives in Florida with her family

At the end of The Good Nurse, Netflix confirmed Amy is now a proud grandmother and is currently living in DeLand, Florida with her daughters and grandchildren.

The former nurse is now a meditation instructor

On Amy’s website, she shared she has a range of skills as well as being nurse. On the site, she wrote: “I am now a Reiki Master, a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, meditation instructor, dream sculptor practitioner, reconnective healer, integrative energy healer, past life regressionist, crystal language reader, medical intuitive and learned ‘The Work’ from Byron Katie.” On her website, she also offers hypnotherapy.

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