11 burning questions I need answering after The Watcher, just so I can sleep at night

1. Why don’t they close their damn curtains at night?!

By now, you’ve seen The Watcher on Netflix, detailing the true story of what happened to the Broaddus family when they moved into 657 Boulevard. The Watcher case remains unsolved which, unfortunately, means it gives rise to a lot more questions than answers.

After watching the Netflix horror thriller series, a lot of people have been left ~stressed~ by certain aspects of it. Like, why don’t they close their curtains? Or install cameras on the mailbox?

Here are the burning questions I know everyone had after watching The Watcher – and please give me some answers or I will never know peace again.

1. Why don’t the family ever close their damn curtains at night?!

Burning questions after The Watcher on Netflix

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Right, let’s get this straight. The family have been getting creepy anonymous letters from someone saying they are watching their house. Buuuut, every single night they are going to sleep with the curtains open?! Make it make sense.

2. So you’re telling me they spent $7k on cameras, but didn’t install one on the mailbox?

I’m also at a complete loss as to how they spent literally thousands on security cameras all around the house and outside, but didn’t put one on the mailbox or at least facing it? They say the letters are being delivered by hand, so would you not just do this and see who by?

Granted, electricity might be an issue, and wiring up a camera on top of the mailbox could be a logistical issue. But come on, batteries exist? Or get a solar camera or just one that points at the mail from the house? Is this really not a thing?!

3. What is a dumbwaiter and how can I make sure I never encounter one in my entire life?

Burning questions after The Watcher on Netflix

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I just want to be safe x

4. Are we just going to skip over that whole blood cult storyline, or?

So, one apparent previous owner of the house said the neighbours are running some sort of blood cult, and are after “young blood” to consume and keep them looking youthful. It’s joked about as being ridiculous in later episodes but like… was it? Are we going to ignore this line of investigation? Something tells me we shouldn’t?


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I’m not even sorry, Ellie is the absolute worst. It was a huge red flag when they moved into the house, she found a random lipstick in the bathroom cupboard and just started using it – no questions asked.

But then to add to this, her family are scared shitless by a stalker, and all she’s concerned about is a night swim and getting with the security camera lad. Also, are we just going to forget about that TikTok?! She called her dad a racist and ruined his life! And for what?! Ellie, sort your shit out girl.

6. Wild idea, but why don’t Nora and Dean just talk to one another a bit more?

Nora and Dean, based on the real life Derek and Maria Broaddus, are desperately trying to catch who this Watcher is. But, they seem to be doing a lot of it separately. Nora is always chatting to people at the club and hearing things, and Dean finds out loads of stuff and never tells his wife. It would make a lot more sense if they just spoke a bit more!

7. At this point, are they all The Watcher?

I’ll start listing people who are under suspicion at some point during the series. Mitch and Mo, Pearl and Jasper, Dean himself, Karen the friend, John Graff, Dakota the security guy and the local teacher. That’s most of the cast, right? And as it’s unfolded I’ve been SURE it was each of them at some point.

8. How is this woman doing? I hope her day has been wonderful

Burning questions after The Watcher on Netflix

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When she said that creepy local teacher was a miserable little pussy, I felt that.

9. Mitch and Mo just… came back?

Neighbours Mitch and Mo faked their own deaths and then just strolled back into the neighbourhood like nothing ever happened.

I’m pretty sure someone said in the show they didn’t know whose funeral they went to, lol. What’s this all about, please?

10. I would like to know what Dean thought he was going to achieve from shouting ‘who are you’ at the person in the tunnel

When Dean and Nora discover that scary tunnel from their basement, they go in and take a look for themselves. They see a figure in there, and chase after them. Dean shouts “who are you” after the person who is running from them, like they’re just going to stop and introduce themselves.

11. Did I just spend nearly seven hours of my life on this to not find out who The Watcher is?

Yes, yes I did. WHO IS THE WATCHER?!

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