Just 27 memes about the wild ride that is The Watcher on Netflix

I think I’ve suspected everyone at one point

Everyone right now seems to be talking about The Watcher on Netflix. The horror thriller has been number one since the day it was released. It tells a dramatised version of the creepy true story of the Broaddus family – who bought their dream home before they started receiving threatening and scary letters from someone called “The Watcher”. Naturally, it’s gone big and people can’t stop talking about it – enter memes about The Watcher.

From us all questioning why the family didn’t just close their damn curtains, to mutually agreeing Ellie is the worst and suspecting everyone could be The Watcher – here are all the best memes and reactions to The Watcher on Netflix.

1. It’s delightful


3. At one point I have suspected everyone

4. When she called the teacher guy a little pussy, I felt that x

5. Honestly this would end all problems

6. Loooool accurate

7. Adore her, end of

8. Iconic

9. Pretty sure I’d only seen like one of these in my whole life before this show

10. Yikes!

11. Pretty much!

The best memes and reactions to The Watcher on Netflix

12. I mean… good point

13. What is she playing at?!!!

14. Wait… why did I not think of this?!


16. Seriously what was that all about?

17. 😬

18. Justice for Theodora!

19. Girl, get ur shit together!!!!

20. LOOOOOOOL enough

21. Not an unreasonable request tbh

22. Once again, PLEASE

23. Great stuff!

24. Facts

25. Day one: Move out

26. I’m team Dean!!!!

27. Yep

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