Stranger Things Halloween houses go viral on TikTok

People are making their houses into Stranger Things sets for Halloween and it’s incredible

HOW do people make them look this good?!

It’s that season again where people start decorating their houses in all things spooky. But the best trend for Halloween decorations this year has been people going all out with making their houses look like you’ve stepped onto the set of Stranger Things. Seriously, they’re ridiculously good.

People must have spent hours, probably even days, setting up props, light displays and god knows what else to make their homes look as good as they do. I’m not talking chucking some fake spiders and toilet roll around and calling it Halloween completed, these people watched Stranger Things and KNEW Halloween was going to get it. I’m genuinely so impressed.

There was one Stranger Things Halloween house that went viral, and neighbours requested it got taken down

One family in Illinois made an incredible Stranger Things Halloween display outside the front of their house, including a levitating Max, that was so good they weren’t told to take it down. No literally, local authorities were worried about the mass number of crowds the display was attracting after a neighbour complained.

The house ended up on the news, with crowds of kids coming to look at it and share the love for all things Stranger Things.

According to reports the family, which makes loads of spooky displays and props as HorrorProps online, had planned to take down the Max part of the decorations, when a neighbour made the complaint just two days after it was put up. But, later the family said they had “woken up to a flood of overwhelming support telling us to wait.” Is it still there? We need to know!!


Couldn’t believe this was in my neighborhood. Soo happy to see it in person. Plus amazing homeowners passing out candy to the kids. Go visit if you can! #strangerthings #floatingmax #fyp #foryoupage #maxstrangerthings #plainfieldil #halloween #horrorprops @Dave & Aubrey

♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [2018 Remaster] – Kate Bush

Loads more people have been making their houses into different sets from Stranger Things

That was truly just the beginning. TikTok is flooded with people showing off their Halloween decorations inspired by the show. They include more levitating Maxs, light alphabet displays and recreations of The Upside Down. I’m obsessed!

This one even made the rest of the gang, too!

The Demos have arrived!

And here’s the man of the moment, enter Vecna!

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