Just every single type of seller you will encounter on Vinted

3. The one who should get back to Depop

Fast fashion is dominating the industry as the cost-of-living crisis looms over us, so it’s no surprise that we are all a little partial to a bargain – particularly a sustainable one. With the majority of us having had the misfortune of experiencing the infamous Depop girl it’s no wonder Vinted, Depop’s friendlier older sister, is increasingly becoming more popular.

During its early days the Vinted experience is somewhat varied and predominantly dependent on the types of Vinted sellers you have had the pleasure or misfortune of encountering. We’ve all heard about the Depop brandy girl or the overpriced charity shop raider, but as the days of Depop are slowly dying we took a look into every kind of seller you can find on our new favourite online marketplace: Vinted.

The Yummy mummy 

Let’s not beat around the bush, we all want to be her. You know that whatever you buy from this seller comes from not only a loving home but an insanely cool one. Sue’s fur Afghan jacket definitely saw some sights in the 80s and the fact that she isn’t charging £80 for it like the other girlies are makes it even more desirable. The Depop girlies wish they had the sauce that the Vinted yummy mummy’s do and may never be able to come to terms with the fact that despite spending all of daddy’s money on the yummy mummy’s old clothes they will never be as cool as them.


The spring clean Mum 

These sellers are a little less cool and a little more oblivious than the yummy mummy but we love and appreciate them all the same. Now that her kids are all grown up and finally off to university she aims to drown her sorrows and fill the empty hole in her heart by sorting through the heaps of clothes they most probably left on the floor. £7 for Billy’s old Ralphie?? You can’t complain. With this seller, you can guarantee that your purchase will arrive in prime condition, and in little to no time, the efficiency of the spring clean mum is really something we should all strive for.

The one who should get back to Depop 

As we venture into the darker side of Vinted, we can’t ignore the sellers who quite frankly ruin it for the rest of us: the ones who should stop polluting our beloved Vinted with their ‘hey girlie’ late-night texts!

No @vintageprincessxox I am not paying £79 for the super rare vintage linen trousers that you evidently paid £2 for in the British heart foundation. Get back onto Depop – you don’t belong here!!

The one who never sends

The spring clean mum’s distant, less successful cousin who never sends the clothes. This seller usually has no bad intentions, just a lack of technological intelligence and knowledge of the app. They most probably listed the entirety of their spare bedroom wardrobe when they had a sudden urge to be productive a couple of months ago but has since forgotten and subsequently will never send you that sparkly Cami top you thought was such a steal. Sometimes things really are just too good to be true. With Vinted, however, we can relax and have faith that despite our items never reaching the postbox our refunds will be on the way. Meaning we don’t need to have any awkward chats when something goes wrong with the postage and you find yourself fighting with a 14-year-old about her £47 cami top.

The crafty one 

If there’s something students love even more than a bargain, it’s a handmade one. These crafty sellers definitely have talent with their embroidered jumpers and tie-dye socks. But perhaps the most spectacular aspect of the crafty seller is that they somehow manage to brainwash us into not batting an eyelid when spending half of our student loans on token t-shirts glamourised friendship bracelets.

The one that makes you question – what’s the point??

Finally, we have the ones who make us question: what’s the point? Don’t get me wrong, we love these sellers. But they really do make us question why are you selling that shirt for 27p and what exactly are you getting from that??

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