Ruth Codd The Midnight Club

Meet Ruth Codd: The 26-year-old who went from TikTok fame to The Midnight Club on Netflix

Before she jumped into acting she had over 670,000 followers

Mike Flanagan’s latest Netflix horror series is the 90s tinged mystery The Midnight Club – and it’s his youngest project yet. And with that young adult, teen feel to it comes a vibey cast of young people to obsess over. There’s one actor who has caught everyone’s attention: The ballsy Ruth Codd, who plays the outspoken and defiant Anya in The Midnight Club.

But who is Ruth Codd? Here’s everything you need to know about the Netflix newcomer whilst you binge The Midnight Club this spooky season.

The Midnight Club is her first professional acting job!

Ruth Codd is 26 and from Ireland, and she is as forthright and headstrong as the character she plays in The Midnight Club. When Ruth was 15, she broke her foot and then when she was 23 and started getting complications in her leg from it made the difficult decision to get it amputated. She then became BIG on TikTok, which is how Mike Flanagan found her for The Midnight Club. It’s her first professional role!

She’s an MUA and barber

On TikTok, before she became an actress, Ruth was known for her makeup and hairstyling videos as well as her frank and astute observations. She managed to get 672,000 followers and over 20 million likes – but has now deleted her profile due to her switching up her career.

You can still watch a few of her old TikToks in a story highlight on her Instagram, though!

She loves horror

Ruth Codd picked a good genre to kick off her career in – she’s a huge horror fan. And let’s face it, Mike Flanagan is literally the king of horror right now. Speaking to Teen Vogue, Ruth said she was a huge fan of Flanagan’s work like The Haunting of Hill House, Bly Manor and Oculus beforehand.

She also named Halloween and Ju-On – the original, Japanese version of The Grudge – as two of her favourites. Taste!

She’s already been cast in the next Netflix Mike Flanagan show!

Mike Flanagan clearly took an instant shine to Ruth Codd, because after The Midnight Club her second big acting role will be starring in his next show: The Fall of the House of Usher. She’ll be in it with other Mike Flanagan big names – like Rahul Kohli and Carla Gugino.

Ruth says her next character has a “really cool sense of style” and that she’s completely different to Anya.

She’s a Below Deck stan

Her Instagram confesses her love for Captain Lee… she’s just like me!

The Midnight Club is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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