Love Is Blind: After the Altar season two

The wildest and most shocking revelations in Love Is Blind: After the Altar season two

Yikes! Iyanna moved out before splitting with Jarrette

Love Is Blind: After the Altar season two is the gift we really didn’t know we needed until we had it. It is full to the brim of iconic moments, bust-ups, cringe exchanges and a load of drama. Unfortunately Shake wasn’t present but that doesn’t mean there lacked any drama.

The three part series was brought to us as a reunion for the season two cast, falling just as two couples announced they were getting a divorce. We check in on the lives of the cast and see who is still together, who’s dating someone new and what everyone else has been up to since the show. Here are all of the most shocking things we found out and the wildest moments in Love Is Blind: After the Altar on Netflix.

1. Natalie claims Shayne and Shaina were flirting

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Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen dated and made it all the way to the altar in Love Is Blind season two before calling things off. Even after the cameras stopped rolling the couple tried again but it just wasn’t working out. Natalie called their relationship “unhealthy” after it came to an end for good when she said Shayne didn’t respect her and betrayed her trust. She also claimed Shayne was sending flirty messages to Shaina Hurley.

Natalie said: “Shayne and I were so close to having forever love and we actually talked about giving it another chance, but because of the flirtatious messages, the doors closed forever. Beyond the flirtatious messages, much more has happened. I thought that keeping the truth in would help me move on with my life. But I think instead it was really hurting me. I need to tell my truth. It’s not fair that I’m lying for people that have lied to me. I think she was in a secret relationship with Shayne.”

Shaina denied these claims to Danielle during the third episode. She said: “The only messages that I have with Shayne are purely platonic. The most scandalous message that we probably have is like ‘Sweet baby’ or I don’t know, I think that’s the craziest one. It’s just disgusting that she’s trying to tear me down when I’ve done nothing to her.”

Natalie told the camera she didn’t want to speak to Shaina about the situation because there’s still “so much sadness and pain” over her breakup with Shayne. She said: “Maybe I’m being petty, but it’s like, you shouldn’t have done what you did if you weren’t also expecting me to talk about it.” When Shaina, who got engaged to now-husband Chris Lardakis during filming, filled in Shayne, he called Natalie calculated for bringing up the situation when he wasn’t there to defend himself. He said: “I don’t fully understand what was scandalous about me and Shaina DMing each other, you know, I saw a Story and I commented. When it comes to Natalie, if I blinked at Shaina, it would probably be ‘scandalous.’ She never was able to move on from it. Never.”

2. Iyanna moved out before splitting from Jarrette

During the reunion Jarrette admitted he was struggling to balance marriage and working several jobs as the “man of the house”. He added: “The biggest thing is just overindulging when I’m out because once I have one or two drinks, I just want to keep the party going. And me and my friends, we go out all the time — we go from bar to bar, club to club, we just drink and have a good time. Am I working on those things that I struggle with? 100 per cent. I’ll definitely say it has been a roller-coaster. It’s not easy. Marriage is not easy. Like, if anybody tries to tell you it is, it’s a lie.”

Iyanna, to Natalie, then called Jarrette immature. She said: “Everything’s good. It’s when he goes out. I don’t want to tell him to stop doing that altogether, because that’s just not me and I want him to do what he enjoys. I just want him to learn how to control himself. I got really impatient and I kind of just packed up and moved out.

3. Mallory meets Sal’s new girlfriend Jessi

Sal and Mallory broke up at their wedding and after he started dating Jessi. He introduced her to the group during Natalie’s 30th birthday trip. Mallory said it’s an “uncomfortable situation” and said she’s so “awkward” about it.

Jessi said: “I’m not coming in here to intentionally make anyone feel bad. This happened so long ago, it’s like, so in the past. I was never worried about you.” Sal said: “Mallory has a lot of places that she needs to grow. After this, I feel like I made the right choice at the altar, we weren’t right for each other.” During the third episode, Sal told his family that he wants to propose to Jessi soon.

4. Sal alleged he found Mallory drunk in another man’s car before their wedding

This was WILD. Sal alleged he found Mallory drunk in another man’s car one week before their wedding. He said: “I don’t want to protect Mallory anymore and I don’t need to protect Mallory anymore.”

5. We were right, Deepti and Kyle officially started dating

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We called this from day one. During the first two episodes, Deepti got engaged to Shake Chatterjee and Kyle was engaged to Shaina Hurley. Deepti said: “I want him to be my boyfriend. Eventually, I feel like I want him to be my husband. He’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, he’s the last person I talk to before I go to bed. I look at him and I’m like, ‘I could see myself doing this for the rest of my life.”

6. Shake didn’t go to the reunion

Shake came under fire this year for missing the whole point of Love Is Blind, which is falling in love without relying on looks. He has posted on Instagram to defend his actions and defend his alleged ex-communication. He’s now “too real for reality tv” according to his Instagram.

7. There was a bit of DM drama between Natalie and Shayne

In the three altar episodes, Natalie claimed to have found DMs between Shayna and Shaina when she and Shayne tried to get together again after the finale. Shayne reckons the door will always be open for a romantic reunion with Natalie however she says they’re done for food. Natalie said: “I let him know I don’t love him anymore and I think he and I have, you know, a very unhealthy relationship and I don’t think it would have been good for either of us… It’s the lies from him. I put so much trust in him and he completely destroyed that trust for us. I can’t have someone in my life that doesn’t respect me.”

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