Drag Race UK four delay

BBC has announced the Queen’s death will not delay the queens of Drag Race UK season four

The season will premiere as planned on 22nd September

There’s been panic and unrest since Queen Elizabeth II passed away last week on my end. Not that I was stressing about funeral arrangements or that I was building myself up for a potential 30 hour queue to pay my respects, but more stressing that the long awaited debut of season four of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK might be delayed. Thankfully, BBC has confirmed that Drag Race UK season four will have no delay to its premiere, and will go ahead on 22nd September as planned.

There will be no delay of the Drag Race UK season four premiere

The announcement declares that the season will be debuting as expected with no delays. It was previously unclear whether the show would be going ahead on schedule due to the BBC’s rules for what they can air during the national period of mourning that occurs after the reigning monarch passes away.

The BBC are not allowed to air any comedy programmes or put them on iPlayer until the two weeks are up. Drag Race UK comes under the category of comedy – and season four was due to premiere exactly two weeks to the day of the Queen’s death.

As well as season four premiering as normal, the final two episodes of season three of Canada’s Drag Race will be added to iPlayer, as will the final two of season two of Drag Race Down Under – which UK viewers have been denied access to as we all sit (or queue) about to mourn the Queen.

Watch the full Meet the Queens for season four here. RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Series 4 returns to BBC Three and BBC iPlayer on 22nd September at 9pm.

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