All Stars 7 critiques

Trinity the Tuck says negative critiques were given on All Stars 7, but they’ve been edited out

The plot thickens!!!

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7, the long awaited first ever season of all winners, has been a tour de force of drag excellence so far – you’d be hard pressed to find a fan not absolutely cherishing every crumb of it. If there is one complaint though that’s coming out from some fans, it’s that it all feels a bit *too* positive at times. Since AS7 introduced the twist that it would be a points system as the winners compete for Legendary Legend Stars and no one goes home week by week, there’s a distinct lessening of the cutthroat nature of Drag Race as we know it. Even more so due to the fact that week by week in the judging of All Stars 7, the queens never get any negative critiques.

Trinity the Tuck has just flipped this on its head, however, tweeting that there were negative critiques given and filmed but edited out of the final episode that we all see.

The tweet was in response to Trinity tweeting that she’d like to see the formula of the show change permanently to how it is on All Stars 7. She tweeted: “Who thinks Drag Race needs to switch their format for future seasons to be something like All Stars 7? It allows everyone screen time and these girls don’t waste all this money on looks that don’t get seen. I think it makes for a more positive experience.”

Several of Trinity’s sisters from the franchise agreed with her, including Cheryl Hole, BenDeLaCreme, Deja Skye and Denali. Bob the Drag Queen was less enthusiastic:

If what Trinity says is true, I’m intrigued as to why World of Wonder chose to edit out negative critiques. I assume to paint all the winners in the best light possible, as they are the flagship ambassadors for the best of the best of the brand and it reflects good on the show to see all the queens killing it. Which they honestly are, but we could do with SOME neg critiques on All Stars 7!

The Tab has reached out to World of Wonder for comment.

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