Selling The OC transformations

Selling The OC transformations: What the cast looked like before they could afford botox

Kayla used to be a female body builder???


After the success of Selling Sunset and Selling Tampa, people have quickly become equally as obsessed with Selling The OC and its cast. Despite living in different parts of the country, there is one thing that the cast members of all three Selling series have in common. No, it’s not that they’re all drama queens, although that is also true, but their love for all things fashion and glamour.

In every single episode, the cast of Selling The OC serves one iconic fit after another and I can’t even comprehend the time, effort, and money that went into them achieving each look. Undoubtedly the hair, makeup, and fashion departments on the show work harder than Kris Jenner and the devil combined, but they can’t get all the credit as it is rumoured that some of the cast members have had work done. Honestly, their foreheads are all flatter than me attempting to sing in my school’s choir.

Whilst some have never confirmed whether they are partial to a spritz of botox here and there, there is one thing that no one can deny and that is they all look absolutely amazing. But have you ever wondered what they looked like before the show?

Here are the biggest transformations from the cast of Selling The OC:

Polly Brindle

via Netflix / Instagram @pollybrindle

Polly has been on Instagram since 2012 and has over 900 posts so there are a plethora of older pictures of her online. However, Polly seems to have not aged in the slightest in the past decade because she literally looks the exact same 10 years ago as she does now. That’s what good genes gets you.

On the Netflix show, Polly has been very open about her marriage in her twenties which ended in divorce after her husband was unfaithful. Despite this, Polly still has a lot of photos with her ex-husband on her Instagram.

Brandi Marshall

via Netflix / Instagram @shesbrandimarshall

Brandi Marshall is married to former professional basketball player Sean Marshall and they have two children together. Brandi has been posting to Instagram since 2017 but her appearance hasn’t changed much in the past five years. She has always looked just as glamorous.

Gio Helou

via Netflix / Instagram @lisa_cantagallo_helou

Now Gio’s transformation is wild. The tall, dark and handsome realtor, who claims he is the best agent in the office, is never seen on the show with so much as a hair out of place. But photos posted by his mum, Lisa, shows that he used to have shoulder length hair when he was younger with a more carefree look. Young Gio is worlds away from the Gio we recognise from Selling The OC.

Gio has been going out with his now wife Tiffany for nearly 10 years and she also has some photos of him on her account where he looks almost unrecognisable. I’m a big fan of the faux hawk.

Kayla Cardona

via Netflix / Instagram @kimgordon87

Kayla has had possibly the biggest transformation out of everyone on Selling The OC. Scrolling back to 2014 on her Instagram account reveals pictures of a completely different looking Kayla, and it’s not because her hair is blonde. Photos she shared eight years ago show she used to be a female body builder and even entered competitions! Honestly, those are the most chiseled abs I have ever seen.

Kayla hasn’t spoken about whether she has had any work done or not, but there is some speculation online.

Alexandra Rose

via Netflix / Instagram @alexandraroseoc

Alexandra Rose is one of three Alexs on the show and out of all them, she has had the biggest transformation. Like her co-stars Alexandra always looks so amazingly put together on the show but she used to look so different. Photos from as far back as 2014 show Alexandra without her trademark platinum hair and instead with dirty blonde locks and a more lowkey look.

Tyler Stanaland

Selling The OC transformations

via Netflix / Instagram @tylerstanaland

I don’t know how, but Tyler has literally not changed a bit in the past seven years. He found his look in 2015 and stuck with it, and it appears to be working for him very well as he is married to the actual Brittany Snow. His Instagram is full of surfing pics, broken up with a few photos of him holding fish which, I’m not going to lie, are an ick. I wonder if he regrets that moustache finger tattoo? I know I would.

Austin Victoria

Selling The OC transformations

via Netflix / Instagram @austin_victoria

Like his colleague Gio, Austin is always seen on the show looking incredibly preened and proper. However, photos from 2014 show him with a septum piercing and he still had it as recently as 2019. Septum piercings are really easy to hide though so for all we know, he still has it.

Lisa Helou

Selling The OC transformations

via Netflix / Instagram @lisa_cantagallo_helou

Lisa Helou is the mother of Gio but is also a registered realtor herself and is a member of the Oppenheim group alongside her son. Lisa makes a few appearances on the show, often discussing business and success with Gio. She has not publicly confirmed whether she has had any work done.

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