Stop looking at the houses and enjoy these 25 memes about Selling The OC on Netflix

Nothing but respect for our two queens, Alexandra Rose and Jarvis

Since it dropped, Selling The OC has consistently been in the top 10 on Netflix. That might be because there’s loads of drama, maybe it’s because we can’t get enough of looking inside the mega swanky and expensive homes, and it could also be because people have seen loads of memes about Selling The OC on Twitter, and wondered what all the fuss is about.

From deciding who our favourite cast members are to digesting all the new drama, people have been reacting to the show a lot. In this house we stan Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis, we know no matter how much she says otherwise, Brandi loves drama, and sorry, but Christine Quinn would eat all of these women for breakfast and that’s the honest truth.

Here are the best memes about the first season of Selling The OC on Netflix.

1. Truth!

2. Sorry but a queen

The best memes and reactions to season one of Selling The OC on Netflix

3. Yikes

4. Art x

5. Ummmm, yes

6. This is the tweet

7. Honestly!!!

8. 😬

9. Can someone check on Davina pls??

10. Messy!

11. A shock!

12. YES

13. He’s too cute end of

14. Accurate

15. I mean, there’s just no other way of putting it really is there?

16. I LOVE water!

17. Truth be told

18. Looooool pretty much

19. Ladies and gentlemen!

20. Interesting x

21. She would EAT them up

22. My girls!!!!

23. And this is exactly why I need 10 seasons

24. I’m glad to see the soundtrack took inspo from Selling Sunset

25. And finally

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