jalapeño wine

I tried the TikTok jalapeño wine to find out if it’s really worth the hype

Why is it spicy?

TikTok has seen many viral food trends. Whether that be whipped coffee or tomato-feta pasta, if there’s one thing the app is good for, it’s definitely coming up with tasty trends. The latest of these trends is jalapeño rosé wine which is just shoving some chopped-up jalapeño peppers into a glass of rosé and people are going mad for it.

The trend was first posted by Allyssa on TikTok and I’m sorry but how did this idea first pop into her head? It’s so rogue but I’m guessing it’s along the same line of putting olives in martinis. The trend has since gained millions of views with lots of people recreating the drink. So I thought it was time to try jalapeño rosé and see if it really is worth all the hype.

Gathering the ingredients

First I had to gather all the supplies. Now granted I probably should have used fresh jalapeños and not straight from a jar but my little corner shop had none in and I wasn’t about to trek to big Tescos just for this so I settled for Old El Paso’s finest. Love having jalapeño juice in my wine x

I also used a cheap bottle of rosé that had been in the fridge for a couple of days so I didn’t really have the highest of hopes at this point. BUT it did mean the stakes were significantly lower and I wouldn’t be wasting some boujie wine if I hated it.

Assembling the drink

I patted the jalapeños dry (yum) and one thing I noticed was they were definitely less green than the ones in the TikToks and it made the whole concept significantly less appealing. They were more of a Shrek colour than a vibrant green but that’s just my fault for being lazy.

But I looked past the odd colour and plopped the jalapeños in and honestly, they just floated down to the bottom and sat there in a sad green lump. It looked like you just accidentally dropped some of your dinner in your glass. Lovely.

Most importantly – the taste test

So it was time to take a sip and I was actually pleasantly surprised! It definitely tasted very crisp and refreshing with a bit of a spicy aftertaste.


However, whilst my housemates were laughing at me for posing for pictures with my concoction, the jalapeños were having a great time marinating in the wine and it meant the last few sips tasted LETHAL.

Near-death experience

Honestly, I’m as white as it can get and I like a bit of spice every now and again but when I accidentally swallowed some seeds it felt a little bit too much like attempted murder. Not pictured is me sprinting to the fridge to down some milk.

jalapeño wine

Overall rating: 6/10

Overall I’d say I finished my glass because I wasn’t about to waste any wine no matter what vegetable was thrown in there but I can’t say it’s gonna be my new go-to for pre-drinks. I’m just genuinely surprised I didn’t hate it and I think if you’re into spicy drinks you might enjoy it a lot?

So would I have it again? Probably not, but was it the worst drink I’d ever tasted? Also no. And I do still have a burning sensation in my throat whilst writing this, what a thrill.

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