I tried the cheesy garlic crumpets that are all over your TikTok right now

And it was everything I’ve ever dreamed of

If TikTok is good for anything, it’s definitely viral food trends. The app has seen many viral recipes, including whipped coffee and tomato feta pasta, that have made everyone put down the phone and head into the kitchen.This time, however, the trend comes in the form of cheesy garlic crumpets and honestly, my mouth is watering just at the thought.

Whoever came up with the idea of making garlic bread, one of the best foods known to man, out of crumpets, a quintessential British delicacy, seriously deserves a medal.

This cheesy concoction was first posted by @foodmadesimple on TikTok and has since gained nearly three million views leaving hundreds of people rushing to try the cheesy, garlicky goodness.

So it was time for a trip to Aldi.

Securing the goods

The recipe requires only a few ingredients: Crumpets (obviously), butter, cheese, garlic, and fresh parsley. Now being a student, I can’t say I’ve ever bought fresh parsley and I don’t think I ever will. So shoot me, but I decided to go for the dried variety because what’s the difference really?

I bought Aldi’s own brand “fluffy crumpets” because I do not have the money to be splashing out on extravagance like Warburtons.

Assembling the crumpets

The crumpet, the myth, the legend.

With the goods secured it was time to start assembling.

I cut the crumpets into quarters and assembled them in a baking dish. The recipe said to use six here but I just did four because I was home alone and six crumpets seemed a little extreme. And because I defo wanted to save two for my breakfast in the morning.

Making the garlic butter

Once I had cut up my crumpets, I crushed two cloves of garlic (yes I actually used fresh and not granules!) and added it to a bowl with parsley and butter. You then pop it in the *microwavey* and there you have it, beautiful garlic butter.

I then poured my garlic concoction over the crumpets. And if there is anything I learned from watching the recipe on TikTok you want to DROWN your crumpets in the stuff.

Okay, I was really starting to question my decisions at this point because the garlic butter was VERY clumpy and I didn’t want to be choking on clumps of garlic but we move.

I then covered the entire thing in grated cheese (pre-grated, because I’m lazy) and it was good to go.

Oven time

Now normally I’m the type of gal to whack anything in a non-preheated oven at 200° and hope for the best but the TikToks say to carefully monitor your creation until the cheese is melted and the crumpets are golden brown and crispy. So that’s what I did and in she went.

Let’s not judge my filthy oven, I live in a student house okay?

It took about seven minutes for the cheesy to be gooey and the crumpets a little crispy so I then took my creation out of the oven.

The finished product

Honestly, look how beautiful this looks. I was very excited at this point and it made my house smell AMAZING.

Most importantly – the taste test

I’ll admit, I was definitely skeptical. Both garlic bread and crumpets alone are elite tier foods and I didn’t want to ruin them by showing them together. But oh my god was I wrong. Compliments to the chef because they were INCREDIBLE.

Just the right amount of cheese and garlic combined with the fluffiness of the crumpets equals chef’s KISS. The one thing I would say, is that they were very very sickly and I had enough after just a few bites. So they are definitely something to have as a side or starter rather than the main meal. But that doesn’t take away from how divine these were.

So do I recommend? Absolutely. Fairly quick and easy to make as well as tasting delicious. Go out and grab yourself some crumpets ASAP because oh my god that was amazing. A solid 9/10.

I’m definitely going to reek of garlic for the next two to five working days, however.

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