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I tried the frozen honey TikTok trend and nearly gave myself a sugar overdose

Creating this viral snack felt like a scene from Bee Movie

If the past week’s heatwave has taught us anything, it’s that keeping handy a selection of ways to cool down is a must. During this time, TikTok creators’ answer to a Calippo ice lolly has emerged in the form of frozen honey. Gaining popularity due to its cold yet sticky texture and intensely sweet flavour, frozen honey, as the name suggests, is quite literally honey that has been placed in the freezer.

I’ve whipped my coffee, baked my oats, sipped my Biscoff iced lattes and indulged on my feta pasta. In the name of science, I needed to try this new food fad.

Here’s how to make the frozen honey you’ve seen all over TikTok:

Step one: Find some honey

(Or in my case, steal your housemate’s boujee jar.) You may find that you search your cupboards, only to find the honey has crystallised and is a solid lump. If this happens, submerge the bottle/jar in hot water until the honey turns back to a liquid state.

Step two: Find a plastic water bottle

This could potentially be one you’ve carefully stashed for pres, so I’d proceed with caution. Assess how much you actually like honey (spoiler alert: The final product does, in fact, taste very strongly of honey) and decide if you want to use one of your precious plastic receptacles on this slightly strange snack.

Step three: Squeeze/pour your honey into the water bottle

As you can imagine, this required a steady hand and transferring the viscous liquid was a rather messy process. TikTok recommended using a whole jar, but I wasn’t about to waste that much expensive honey on a frozen recipe taken from the social media platform that has people telling us that snorting condoms, licking toilet seats and sitting in baby sized swings was a good idea.

frozen honey tiktok

Step four: Place your water bottle upside down in the freezer

You’re supposed to freeze it sitting vertically so it’s easier to squeeze out. Unfortunately, due to my housemate’s obsession with frozen hash browns, mine was left to freeze on its side.

frozen honey tiktok

Step five: Freeze for about 8 hours or overnight

I had to cross my fingers that said hash brown-obsessed-housemate wouldn’t discard the bottle in disgust.

Step six: Take the bottle out the freezer and unscrew the whole lid

Don’t make the mistake I made by trying to squeeze the solid substance through the sports cap. It doesn’t work and will have you crushing the bottle like you’re Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Step seven: Enjoy your frozen honey

I wasn’t sure how to eat the TikTok frozen honey. Squeezing it onto the spoon meant waiting for it to melt slightly and it losing its intriguing tube shape. Licking it straight from the bottle made me feel like Winnie the Pooh. As a fan of cartoon animals, I opted for the latter.

I wanted to enjoy it ice cold and, as long as my housemate didn’t walk in at that exact moment and catch me in the act, releasing my inner bear felt quite liberating.

frozen honey tiktok


I don’t like working with honey. The whole experience was fiddly and incredibly sticky. Trying to freeze the bottle vertically was impractical, put would’ve helped when it came to removing the frozen liquid from its container. Squeezing the honey out reminded me of those frozen juice tubes you’d get after school when you were five.

Although TikTokers were raving about the jelly-like texture of their frozen honey, mine was much more of a solid, caramel texture, maybe because I used a thicker, more set honey.

The temperature was 10/10. I can imagine, on a hot day, it would instantly cool your mouth.

I’d give the flavour of the TikTok frozen honey a 7/10. It tastes exactly as you’d expect: Very, very sweet. I couldn’t stomach more than about two mouthfuls and think anymore would have given me a sugar overdose.

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