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Just all the times Liz Truss has outed herself as the UK’s biggest Taylor Swift fan

Resignation (Liz’s version)


Liz Truss has just resigned as prime minister, after just 45 days. It’s well known Liz is a big fan of cheese and loves to colour-coordinate with bins, but what you may not know is that Liz Truss is actually a huge Taylor Swift fan. I’m talking full-blown fan girl with a stan Twitter account and a map of her every move level obsessed. I’m still trying to process this information.

Taylor is living in Liz’s head rent-free and I’m a bit embarrassed for her. So although you may doubt some of her policies and beliefs, there’s one thing you can’t deny which is that Liz has taste. So here are all the times Liz Truss has publicly outed herself as a massive swiftie:

When she quoted Taylor in the House of Parliament

Before becoming the new Tory party leader and Prime Minister, Truss previously held the role of Minister for Women and Equalities. During a House of Parliament debate on International Women’s Day in 2020, Truss quoted Taylor’s song The Man when discussing barriers for women: “In the words of the brilliant Taylor Swift in her new song, women aren’t left ‘running as fast as they can, wondering if they’d get there quicker if they were a man.”

I agree with the sentiment here and I’m a big fan of the song but the fact the only woman this Oxford-educated PPE graduate could think to quote on International Women’s Day was Taylor Swift feels slightly illegal. Big girlboss energy.

This truly cursed selfie

A deepdive into Lizz Truss’ Insta (which is an absolute goldmine in itself) found this absolute gem from the BAFTA’s after-party in 2019. I don’t know what’s worse: the mum angle of the selfie or the hashtags #squadgoals and #swiftwork. The fact that Taylor probably just thought Liz was someone’s mum at the time is really sending me.

The time she walked out to Taylor in the final leadership hustings

I really thought this was fake when I first saw it. But no, Liz actually walked out to Change in the final Tory leadership hustings. It’s so dramatic and for what? The way it just suddenly starts playing is nothing short of cinematic. This was not something on my bingo card for 2022.

AND when she left the stage also soundtracked to Taylor

After the final debate was over, Liz also left the stage to Taylor’s Long Live, a song where Taylor looks back over all her fondest moments of her career. As Taylor sings: “The time we stood with our shaking hands, the crowds in stands went wild, we were the kings and the queens”, Liz dances out of Wembley triumphantly. Honestly, it’s a little dystopian. 

The time she quoted a Taylor song in an Insta caption

And just when we thought she couldn’t get any more fangirl, Liz’s Instagram is teeming with gems including where she quoted Look What You Made Me Do in a post about ringing for Tory party votes. Interesting choice. Honestly, this is the weirdest crossover episode in history and the whole thing makes me feel a bit nauseous. Truly, truly cursed vibes.

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