Liz Truss has just been announced as the UK’s next Prime Minister

Not another one

After weeks of campaigning for the votes of Tory members, Liz Truss was announced as the new leader of the Conservative Party today.

Liz Truss is the fourth Prime Minister we have had in six years.

It’s understood that Liz now faces pressure to announce a plan to tackle rising energy bills. It’s been reported an option is freezing energy bills however nothing has been confirmed yet.

Liz Truss, the frontrunner throughout this campaign, has promised to announce further help to shield consumers within a week of taking over as the new Tory party leader.

Sebastian Payne, the Whitehall editor for the Financial Times, told the BBC that the foreseen result has been clear for “about a month” and “not much has happened in this contest for the whole of August”.

Following the announcement of Liz Truss being the new Prime Minister, by the evening she should have finalised her choices for cabinet and wider ministerial roles, and written her Prime Ministerial speech.

Liz Truss will officially become the Prime Minister tomorrow after Boris Johnson has informed Queen Elizabeth II that he is resigning. In a break from tradition, Boris Johnson will have to travel to Balmoral as the Queen is thought to have been told to avoid travelling due to ongoing medical issues.

Shortly after this, Liz Truss will also meet the Queen who will then ask her to form a government. Liz Truss will then fly back to London to deliver a speech outside Downing Street which is expected around 4pm tomorrow.

On Wednesday, it is expected the new team of announced ministers will meet before the PM arrives in the House of Commons for their first head-to-head Prime Minister’s Question Time with Keir Starmer.

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