Islanders share their Love Island audition tapes

These Islanders have shared their Love Island audition tapes, and they are hilarious

Coco said she wants to be on the show because she needs to be ‘pregnant right now’ 💀

People who go on Love Island might look like the type who have their lives together, but their cringe as hell audition tapes seriously say otherwise. Some previous Islanders have shared the videos they submitted to producers in a bid to get on the show and honestly, they are just the same as you and I.

Ex-Islanders have said their audition tapes are around a minute or two long, and in it they have to explain why they would be good for Love Island, and show a little insight into their lives. So, what did they submit? Take a look here.

Millie Court

In a super long Love Island Q&A video on YouTube, 2021 winner Millie has shared her audition tape. Skip to 22:30 in the video below to watch it in all its glory.

She explains she had to submit a 60 second video, and she chose to do 30 seconds of her talking, and a 30 second compilation of videos of her. “I think I’d be a good Islander because I’m fit, I’m flirty and I’ve got double Fs,” Millie begins. Yes really. “Joking, I’ve got double As. But seriously, I’m funny, I’m outgoing, I’m down to earth, I’m spontaneous and I’m pretty much the clown in the group.”

She goes on to say she doesn’t care if people think she’s weird or annoying and then introduces some clips of her to get to know her better. In all the videos she’s drunk, that’s it.

Coco Lodge

In a video on YouTube, Coco has shared her audition tape. The caption reads: “You all keep asking about the application process of the show… I got scouted but you still have to audition, this is my original audition tape I applied with after being scouted for the show.” In the video, she says she’s done with “bullshit men”, wants to get married and “needs to be pregnant right now”. Andrew licked her tit in the villa and that’s about all, so her plan didn’t exactly come through. Awkward.

She goes on to say all the men in her life use her for sex and she wants love. Throughout the video she has a few jump scare, badly edited clips of her dancing in clubs, on holidays and downing bottles of vodka. She describes herself as an “FBI psycho” and “a little bit toxic” and says she needs to be centre of attention at all times.

Laura Anderson

2018’s Laura Anderson shared her audition tape on Instagram, captioning it “Pick Me”. You said it, Laura! She introduces herself as being Scottish, living in Dubai and working as an air hostess. She then says she thinks it would be better to show the producers why she’d be a good Islander over telling them, so does a day in her life.

To background music This Is What You Came For, Laura then shares clips of her dancing around a pool, spinning in a chair, dancing in a bikini, eating a burger and riding a camel. If this is what can get you onto Love Island, I think I could too?

Amy Hart

Amy Hart released her audition tape for the 2019 Love Island series, and honestly, it’s one of the best tapes I’ve ever seen. In the video she introduces herself as an “international pageant title holder” who “still can’t get a text back”.

From there, Amy talks about what was her day job at the time, working as cabin crew, and cuts in a shot of her popping champagne on a plane. “By night, I’m the world’s best third wheel,” she says, and reveals she’s the world’s worst drunk texter. She goes on to literally list all the reasons why she doesn’t have a boyfriend, including because she “doesn’t do ego massaging”.

“Some people say I’m the love child of Elton John and Gemma Collins,” Amy says. “I’m just too extra for my own good. I know I’ve got the hair, teeth, nails and boobs but I’m not your run of the mill Barbie girl. There’s only one Ames.” She says the only thing missing in her life is a man.

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