Russell Group universities ranked by how expensive their city’s pints are

And London isn’t even the most expensive!!

Having a pint is fit for absolutely any occasion. Just found out you got into a Russell group uni? Have a pint! Failed your A-Levels? Drown your sorrows in a pint. You’re really skint? Go out for a cheap pint.

Pints can be pricey, and they differ from uni to uni and now, thanks to new data from NatWest, we can reveal the Russell Group universities with the highest and lowest pint prices.

You won’t be surprised to know you’ll have to break the bank at times if you fancy going for a pint but you’re at a uni down South.

Here’s a full breakdown of the Russell Group universities with the most expensive and cheapest average pint prices.

At the other end of the table is Durham (I know, I don’t believe it either), where students pay on average £3.20 for a pint. It’s not too late to apply through clearing, scrap all your plans and go for the PINT.

Students from both Cambridge and Exetah, sorry Exeter, pay around the £3.60 mark for a pint – not too bad!

Good old trusty Leeds Uni students pay £3.70 on average for a pint. That’s 10p more than Cambridge but you know what, money can’t put a price on vibes.

Staying up north with Newcastle and Sheffield where students pay an average of £3.80 for a pint. Then there’s York, Nottingham and Liverpool which all host students willing to pay £3.90 for a pint.

Now this is a warning, we’re out of the £3 band so things start to get a bit depressing. Students at Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester all pay £4 for a pint. But hey, it’s not as expensive as those universities down South!

Anyone going to either Cardiff or Southampton can expect to be charged £4.10 for a pint.

Students at Bristol are looking at £4.70 for a pint and anyone going to a London Uni can get ready to whack out a whopping great £4.90 for a pint too!

But here’s where things take a turn, ranking first place for the most expensive pint in a Russell Group uni city is Oxford where students pay an average of £5.50 for one singular pint.

As if paying for uni and all those disposable vapes wasn’t enough, start saving for your pints.

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