These 33 memes about Never Have I Ever season three are even more chaos than Devi

I believe in a Trent and Eleanor supremacy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I adore Devi Vishwakumar and I don’t care who knows it. Another season of her and her chaos ways has dropped on Netflix. Sherman Oaks is shaking, Paxton is being all hunky and cute and Eleanor and Fabiola and still the best friends everyone needs in life. And one thing is for sure, the memes following Never Have I Ever season three have been top-tier.

From never being over our love for all the characters and their development, to being hooked on Eleanor and Trent, and lowkey still not knowing if we’re team Ben or team Paxton – this season has been a RIDE. Here are all the best memes and reactions to season three of Never Have I Ever on Netflix.

1. I’ve never related to anyone more

2. Yep, I love him too

3. Yikes!

The best memes and reactions to season three of Never Have I Ever on Netflix

4. Devi is too stunning I need help

5. I stick by my queen no matter what


7. Honestly, look at them all FLOURISH

8. I’ll never recover


The best memes and reactions to season three of Never Have I Ever on Netflix

10. But now am I team Ben? Maybe I am?

11. They stole season three, end of. Adore them

12. I really didn’t know I needed this moment until I had it

13. I haven’t known peace since this ended!!!!

14. I want Aneesa’s full character arc!!!

15. Ummm, can we talk about how much this hit?

16. Ugh, love

17. Just wish he wasn’t such a massive baby, sorry


19. Omg?!

20. He makes me feel a kinda way, alright

21. HELP

22. My love for them knows no limits

23. Truth!

24. She means WELL

25. The way he melted me?????

26. Still crying

27. Preach

28. At this point I don’t even know what I want

29. LOOK at them!!!

30. Weeping once again!!!

31. Sorry but the way he calls her David is so cute to me

32. Paxton appreciation!!!

33. Get it Devi!!!!!

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