Brooklyn Beckham says in TikTok video he can afford £1million car because he's a chef

Brooklyn Beckham is being rinsed for saying he bought a £1m supercar from ‘chef’ career

‘What do you do for a living? You were born’ 💀

Brooklyn Beckham is currently getting rinsed for a TikTok accrediting being able to afford a £1million supercar to him being a chef. Brooklyn caught himself in a video with TikToker Daniel Mac, who famously approaches people in fancy cars and asks them what they do for a living.

In the video, Brooklyn says he knows who Daniel Mac is, who has just asked him what he does for a living, because his “car is awesome”. Brooklyn replies: “I’m a chef”. Daniel then asks him if he’s the best chef in the world, to which Brooklyn says he’s “trying to be”. Daniel asks him if he has a chef name, and he replies with simply “my name’s Brooklyn”.

Daniel then asks Brooklyn if he has any tips for aspiring chefs, and Brooklyn says: “Just follow your passion, whatever makes you happy.” The video claims the car Brooklyn is driving is worth $1.2million+.


Bruh What Even Is A “Chef Name 😅💀@brooklynbeckham #mclarenp1 #p1

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The comments section of the TikTok is going IN on Brooklyn, specifically the idea he’s earned the money to buy this car from being a chef as opposed to, you know, being the son of one of the biggest footballers of all time David Beckham, and a Spice Girl. “What do you do for a living? I was born,” one comment says. Someone else commented: “What do you do for a living? My parents are rich so I just kinda vibe”. One more questioned: “Wasn’t he a photographer last week,” whilst another added: “Born into a multimillionaire family and now married a billionaires’s daughter. But he’s a chef!!”

I mean, it’s no surprise people are questioning the video. Brooklyn does have his own cooking show, but on it, it reportedly takes a crew of 62 people and $100k (£74k) to help him cook for eight minutes and make a sandwich.

One episode of the show, Cookin’ With Brooklyn, shows him making a bagel, and he’s been absolutely slated for not having the most basic of cooking skills. According to the New York Post, the video had a team of professionals on hand including a “culinary producer” who approves the recipes, five camera operations and nine producers. The Daily Mail reports each episode costs $100k to make and the crew is 62 people.

In the episode, he doesn’t know how to fry fish and can also be heard asking how to know when a hash brown is cooked. In a savage review, a source told The Daily Mail: “He is to cooking what [his mother] Posh was to singing. Apparently the guy has to be shown really super basic things and has a cheat sheet of expressions from whisk to parboil, several illustrated with pictures.” They added more about Brooklyn’s need for a huge crew in his online videos, saying: “It’s unheard of. It’s the sort of crewing you would expect on a big TV show.”

This isn’t the first time Brooklyn Beckham has been slated on a cooking show. Last year, he was absolutely ripped for the abomination of an “English breakfast sandwich” he served up. He appeared on the Today show, for some reason making a cameo as the chef that day, where he was introduced as a “social media sensation”. He then began to make his “recipe” for a classic “English breakfast sandwich” which was just an egg, sausage and bacon on white bread. He said the recipe has been in his family for generations, and was later torn to shreds on Twitter.


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