Brooklyn Beckham is being ripped for making an awful ‘English breakfast sandwich’ on TV

‘Was this meant to be a joke?’

Brooklyn Beckham probably thought he was going to have a pretty easy day yesterday when he went on American TV show the Today show to make a sandwich. But now, he’s being absolutely ripped for the abomination of an “English breakfast sandwich” that he served up.

He appeared on the Today show, for some reason making a cameo as the chef that day, where he was introduced as a “social media sensation”. He then went on to be asked about his fiancée, Nicola Peltz, who he did a cringe shout out to, saying “love you babe”. But that’s just the start, he then began to make his “recipe” for a classic “English breakfast sandwich” which was just an egg, sausage and bacon on white bread. He said the recipe has been in his family for generations.

Brooklyn Beckham is being ripped after making English Breakfast sandwich on the Today Show in America

via Today Show

“My great-grandma taught me how to make this so it’s really special to me,” he told the show’s hosts Carson Daly and Hida Kotba. He then went on to explain exactly how you assemble the sandwich, incase you don’t know. “I first put the sausage, bacon and then the egg. I always like to squish it down a bit,” he said.

He placed the ingredients between unbuttered white bread, which has clearly disgusted many British viewers, as the clip has been shared loads on Twitter, with people absolutely ripping into his creation. In the replies to the Today show share of the clip of Brooklyn Beckham, someone says: “So he made a sausage, english bacon, and non-runny egg on…un-toasted white bread. With ketchup. Was this meant to be a joke?” Another added: “Worst fried egg in history! Seriously time slot should have been given to a young trained chef who had struggled during pandemic not a millionaires son!”

Brooklyn Beckham is being ripped after making English Breakfast sandwich on the Today Show in America

via Today Show

Another person said: “Seriously? Embarrassing for everyone involved. Who paid who to get this aired?” whilst another said: “…..and next on ‘Today’ social media sensation Brooklyn Beckham will be showing us how to boil a kettle.” Piers Morgan was among those to comment on the clip, he said: “Worst, most unutterably pointless segment in morning television history?”

Watch the clip of Brooklyn Beckham on the Today show here:


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