Love Island 2022 iconic moments

Terrace crawls and t*t sucks: A roundup of all the iconic moments from Love Island 2022

Or whatever

It’s only been one measly day but I am mourning the loss of Love Island like it’s a long lost child. It might sound dramatic, but it is true. I rolled my eyes and dismissed this season at the start, because I never learn that the first few weeks need breathing space. But this season really let me eat my words – it’s one of the greatest of all time. Why? Well, I’ll tell you why. Because I’ve compiled a roundup of all the iconic moments of Love Island 2022 – or whatever.

‘Did somebody order an Italian snack?’

This is up there alongside Choriza May entering Drag Race UK and saying “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because I’m an immigrant” has an entrance line been so iconic.

When Ekin-Su sang the entire SpongeBob theme at Andrew

Feels like a fever dream in hindsight. We had no clue what to expect from our Turkish delight!

Ekin-Su crawling across the terrace to snog Jay

We all remember where we were when we witnessed God-Su crawl on her hands and knees for a cheeky snog with Jay, alongside a crawl back off the terrace complete with a bum wiggle. Pure cinema.


That first glimpse we got as terrace-gate come to a head and Davide was swanning around the garden like an enraged bull, snarling words of lovestruck fury at Ekin-Su in the most iconic Italian drawl imaginable deserves many, many Baftas.

When Dami decided to read everyone’s minds on a daybed and ended up causing a villa war

I just think it’s so funny that Dami sat there and told everyone what he thought of their couplings, branded it as “mind reading” and then gossip merchant God-Su spread it round the villa like batter. Everyone was at each other’s necks. Good times.

The Casa Amor return and recoupling

As per usual, this reuniting of old and new Islanders resulted in explosive arguments, dirty laundry being aired and some of the most toxic lad behaviour I’ve ever seen on TV. It wasn’t good vibes, but it was good TV.

Sucked her tit, or whatever

In what is surely the most iconic exchange in Love Island history, and definitely the most iconic of all the 2022 moments, Andrew sheepishly confessed to Tasha something earth shockingly quotable. after Coco dropped a machiavellian atomic villa bomb that her Casa man had sucked on her breasts, we were graced with “Sucked her tits or whatever” “Her what?” “Licked her tit or whatever.” Wow. I will be laughing at that on my death bed.

The gag of Adam Collard returning

Truly don’t think the world of Love Island viewers have ever been so agog than when the chiselled need bombshell turned round and revealed himself to be Adam Collard. And although he wasn’t Collarding like he used to, it was still a game changing shock that no one anticipated.

The pancake-off

After Nathalia decided Ekin-Who (the cheek of her saying that and the hardship I had typing it out was wild) was her sworn nemesis, God-Su resolved to put an end to it all by having a pancake competition of which Davide would declare a winner from. So many iconic visual moments in this saga to mention. Highlights include God-Su being flanked by Dami and Adam and the three of them looking like N-Dubz to Gemma pouring water into Ekin’s mouth like they were in the WWE ring.

Every single thing that happened in the talent show

Gemma bodied My Humps to be fair.

Danica twerking her way out of the villa

Our queen of HR letting her hair down at the Christmas party.

Ekin-Su going full pop girly when she sung the babies to sleep

I need the album.

No one having a clue who Alfie Boe is

Ekin-Su: “And a guy called *checks note* Alfie Boe?”

Tasha’s dad

Love Island 2022 iconic moments

Tarek Ghouri is an icon, a legend and the moment.

This video ruining the finale and everyone’s lives

Rather hellish.

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