Raja Michelle Visage drama

Trinity the Tuck reveals unaired argument between Raja and Michelle Visage on All Stars 7

She claims Raja looked right at Michelle and said ‘Who are you to judge me?’

Trinity the Tuck has blown up on TikTok after saying at a live show that there was unaired heated drama on the main stage between her fellow All Stars 7 queen Raja and judge Michelle Visage.

The tea comes from a video that’s gone viral, where at a live gig Trinity is performing an event and taking questions from the fan in the audience. The question came from a fan who asked directly if there was unaired drama between Raja and Michelle Visage, because there were rumours swirling on Reddit that Raja was going to be quite explosive on the season and argue back with the judges – but as the positive edit has shown us over the last 10 weeks, we haven’t really seen any of that.

The fan asked Trinity when the supposed drama happened, and she quickly responded: “The third episode!” Trinity then continues explaining more context into All Stars 7 that we haven’t seen in the final show. “Everyone thinks that the judges didn’t give us negative critiques on All Stars 7, they did. They did give us negative critiques, they just chose to edit that out. RuPaul has that song, Blame It On The Edit? Well, bitch, I’m blaming it on the edit. The edit was they chose not to show any of the negative critiques – which is fine, it made it look great!”

Trinity then divulged the Raja and Michelle Visage drama. “Raja looked dead at Michelle and said ‘Who are you to judge me? You have no credentials other than being the host’s best friend.’ Then we got offstage, backstage in the Werk Room, the cameras were cut and she told the producers [about Michelle] ‘She should be fired.’ I don’t know whether I agree or not, that’s what she said. We’re spilling the tea right here.”

It’s not clear which look Michelle was critiquing Raja on – the third episode of All Stars 7 was a ball with three looks that the queens had to serve. Neither Michelle Visage or Raja have addressed the drama since Trinity’s video, but Raja did post it to her story calling Trinity the “embellishment queen”. This implies that Trinity may be exaggerating the events – but it appears something did indeed go down that we didn’t see in the final show!

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