Pictured is Ekin-Su and Tasha's Love Island account handlers

Meet the account handlers behind the current Love Island contestants’ social media pages

It’s no secret how well some of them have been doing on Twitter

The one thing a Love Island contestant hopes for while they’re in the villa, besides falling in love and finding a partner, is the hopes the person they left their social medias to is doing the best possible job. The social media account handlers of this year’s Love Islanders have gone to unparalleled lengths to ensure their friends, brothers and sisters have maximum exposure on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. No other year of Love Island has seen such a buzz for the account handlers than this year’s and it all began with Ikenna’s friend running his Twitter and becoming a viral success.

But despite making us all laugh with their live tweets every 9pm and Instagram Q&As, have you ever wondered who the faces of the Love Island 2022 account handlers are?


Ekin-Su’s Instagram, which is getting ready to hit one million followers, is being run by her best friend Mabel. Mabel recently featured on Murad Merali’s podcast and revealed she and Ekin-Su met while they were both in a hot tub at a party.

Mabel said: “I knew Ekin-Su through a mutual friend. We met at a hot tub party. We were at a party and we were sitting there drinking cocktails and I was getting ready to watch this Turkish drama and then she was like ‘Oh I’m Turkish’. We just met there and ever since that day we’ve just been the closest of friends. She calls me every time she’s in Turkey, and I call her.”

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According to Mabel’s Instagram, she is a freelance celebrity and talent EA.


Davide’s social media accounts are run by a group of his friends. One of his friends, Hass, featured on Murad’s podcast and he is one of the account handlers of Davide’s Instagram while he is on Love Island 2022. He shared that he and Davide met through their work.

He said: “Davide’s in the nightlife game with the shisha company he operates. I’ve got my events company so we kind of met. We met in a funny way, we were both very drunk and he comes up to me and goes, ‘you’re a good looking guy’, and I went, ‘no, you’re a good looking guy’. And that lastest for about five minutes and then since then we’ve been like best friends.” Written in the stars really!

Love Island account handlers 2022

Hass’ Instagram account is private but has over 14,000 followers and is verified!


Indiyah’s social media is being run her close friend, Shyon Gredley, who also happens to be her manager. The 22-year-old is the founder of the influencer management agency, Represent London PR. Speaking with Refinery29, Shyon said: “I really wanted to bring something new to running Indiyah’s account. I felt that in previous years, a lot of handlers took the role very seriously and promoted the contestants in a traditional manner. But for me, I wanted to take a different approach and speak to the audience as if I was one of them, because I am one of them.”

Indiyah is a fan favourite on the show and on Twitter, along with Dami and Ikenna, she gained a lot of popularity at the start of the show and has continued to do so. Her Twitter is about to reach 45,000 followers, and Shyon explained the memes and “quick humour” make Love Island “so much more entertaining.”


Dami’s social media, his Twitter in particular is being run by friend, Fawaz. Speaking with Refinery29, he explained he was asked to manage Dami’s Twitter as he was the only one who knew how to use the app properly. He said: “Twitter is a very weird place. If you tweet something wrong by accident or somebody takes your tweet worldwide, you can get cooked. You can get ratioed, you can get cancelled – anything like that. So I was really unsure for the very first couple of days.”

Once Fawaz began to tweet like himself as if it were his own account, he began to realise how easy it was.


Tasha’s social media, at least her TikTok, seems to be run by her two best friends. In a recently posted TikTok video, they said: “When your best friend is going through it on Love Island”, and showed themselves at the end and said: “Bring in the gays”. The video has received over 200,000 likes and 2.5 million views.


Thank you all for the love and support for Tandrew #loveisland #fy #fyp

♬ original sound – Tasha Amber Ghouri


The only thing we know about Andrew’s account handlers while he is on Love Island 2022 is that they are some of his best friends. During an Instagram Q&A session, one of his followers asked who was behind his Instagram page. The account handler replied and said: “A few of his best mates”.


Luca’s social media account is being run by his sister, Claudia. His older sister has been in charge of his social media accounts while he has been in the villa, and has had to the face a wave of negative DMs from trolls and death threats. She recently shared a number of screenshots of some of the DMs she had received and has now taken a step back from managing Luca’s accounts after admitting she hadn’t been coping well.

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