‘I don’t think couples are genuine’: Billy and Summer spill their truths after Love Island

Billy has admitted he has a number of regrets from his time in the villa

Last night saw Billy and Summer become the latest Islanders to be dumped from the Love Island villa this year. Laura came and crashed their day and night out at the vibes club, and a public vote saw Dami, Billy, Danica and Summer in the bottom four. It was then down to Islanders to choose a boy and a girl to dump, and they sent Billy and Summer packing.

After what’s been a turbulent few days in the Love Island villa, here’s what Billy and Summer had to say in their exit interviews.

Billy and Summer have been dumped from Love Island 2022

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‘I had so much fun in there’

Summer summarised her Love Island experience by calling it “unforgettable” and “unexplainable”. She said she has made friends for life and had so much fun in there. “I got the most of my experience there even though I didn’t find love and made it to milestones I didn’t think I’d make, I just had the best time there,” she said.

Speaking of walking into Casa Amor with the girls, Summer added: “I was absolutely buzzing, walking into Casa with the girls, we were all bad bitches, we all went in there and did what we had to do. It was so much fun at Casa, during the whole Casa experience we were all just absolutely buzzing and had the best time there. I’ve met some lovely girls that will be my friends for life.”

Billy added it was “an amazing experience” and said it was “surreal” and like “nothing you’d ever do before and nothing you’ll experience again.”

Billy has admitted he has a couple of regrets

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Usually the Islanders leave the villa and brush any negativity under the carpet and say they have no regrets. Billy has actually been quite honest, and admitted there are a few things he’d change if he had his time again.

“The challenge, I would’ve snogged Danica instead of Gemma,” he said. “But the only reason I did that was because I knew Gemma was going to pie me and I thought, ‘I’ll have a bit of banter, give her a peck and laugh it off.’ But it turned and didn’t come out the best way and that’s my fault. And telling the boys in the morning what happened with me and Danica, I’d change that as well.”

Summer was initially attracted to Jay

When asked if she had any attraction to other guys in the villa, Summer said: “Coming into Casa I was headstrong and had tunnel vision on getting to know Dami just because he is my usual type on the outside. I was looking at Jay a few times when I saw him in real life, I was like, ‘Ok Jay is actually very good looking’. With Deji at one point there could have been a connection but we are really good friends and bicker like brother and sister so we both established that was not the way forward. Also Josh as well, had a bit of a connection with Josh which was nice, it was kind of surface level getting to know each other. Not my usual type but we had a lot in common but our time got cut short.”

‘I don’t think other couples are genuine’

Summer was definitely wronged by Dami during her time. She said she felt he had made out there was a connection between them, but then got back with Indiyah after Casa Amor. Dami then branded her “fake”, which he later apologised for. But, Summer has taken a subtle dig at the other Islanders, whilst saying she does think Dami and Indiyah’s connection is real.

“Despite the situation, I do think Dami and Indiyah’s connection is very genuine and I am rooting for them to win the show,” she said. “I don’t think other couples are as genuine as them, I am rooting for them all the way.”

Billy and Summer have been dumped from Love Island 2022

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Billy said he didn’t crack on with Danica because he didn’t want to ‘waste time’

Just before he left, there was tension between Billy and Danica, as she said they were intimate but then he said he didn’t want to continue things. He’s explained himself, saying: “The reason I did that was because I didn’t want to waste time. I said to Danica that ‘I’d rather tell you now that I haven’t felt that click rather than just carry on and we’re not going anywhere.’ I’d rather leave and know that I’ve been true to myself rather than drag it on and pretend we’re a happy couple when we’re not. We did have good times but it wasn’t a romantic thing. There is no bad blood there.”

Summer still says there was ‘definitely’ a chance with her and Dami

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When asked if she really thought her and Dami had a chance, despite Indiyah, Summer said: “Yeah definitely so, the way we were at Casa I am sure everyone saw that me and Dami were quite close so it gave me an inkling as to maybe I do have a shot at getting to know him and progressing further. When he made his choice to get back with Indiyah I was upset in the moment but I moved forward, took each day as it came and was positive about it.”

Billy has a little message for Dami, since he was saved over him

Billy said he knew he was probably going to be the one to leave, as the Islanders wouldn’t kick out Dami, seeing as he has something with Indiyah. When asked if he has a message for Dami, Billy said: “Good luck mate! Get your proposal done!”

The lads have planned a trip to Ibiza

It looks as though the Love Island 2022 boys will be keeping in touch after the show, as Billy has revealed himself, Adam, Davide, Jay and Josh have planned to meet up for drinks and dinner and a night out after the show already – and, they’re off to Ibiza!

So, who does Billy think will win Love Island 2022?

Summer has backed Dami and Indiyah, so when asked who he thinks will win the show, what did Billy say? “They’ve all got something good. Honestly at the moment, I think Paige and Adam because things are moving quickly for them. Or Ekin-Su and Davide!”

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